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Functional Fitness is a strength and conditioning methodology. Our classes are built around functional movements performed at high intensity.

You will become skilled in a wide range and combination of movements that include:

Bodyweight Movements . Olympic Weightlifting . Plyometrics . Gymnastics . Running . Rowing . Skipping and more...


The Valesco Classes

We offer a range of coached classes where all workouts are scaleable to suit your current ability level. Over time as you develop and improve, the difficulty and intensity of the workouts will increase in conjunction with your ability. Our classes are fun, inclusive but most importantly goal orientated. We get you results..!


The Valesco Team

Meet the Valesco team! Click on their photo’s to find out more.

The Valesco Culture

Community is at the heart of Valesco Fitness Collective. Our goal is to offer a welcoming and supportive environment. An environment where you want to spend time, work out and build towards your goals. We understand that the goals will vary from one individual to another, but whatever they are Valesco Fitness Collective is the place to achieve them.

Come and work out, come and chill out, meet new friends, bring along old friends.
We want you to achieve your goals, and feel awesome while you are doing it.

Meet Valesco

Watch our videos to find out more about Valesco Fitness Collective.

Contact or Find Us

40-46 Albert road
St Phillips


T: 07912 296 079