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Work with a PT

There is no doubt that Functional Fitness classes will get you results but if you want to work on something specific we can help with that too.

Work with a PT

There is no doubt that Functional Fitness classes will get you results. They are designed with constant progression in mind. However, if there is a particular skill you want to work on or you need to build confidence in a specific area, small group or personal training sessions may well be the answer. For the best results we would encourage members to join main classes as much as possible but seek out individual training for development with increased support.

Work with a PT 1

After tearing my hamstring for the third time playing cricket, I thought enough is enough and decided to embark on some PT to strengthen it and get me fighting fit for classes and avoid any future tears. Through Amy and Lucie, a plan was in place to achieve this goal. What could have been a very dull several weeks focusing on physio, turned into fun, varied sessions targeting the hamstring. This time also gave me the opportunity to train other parts of my body to vary it even further. I felt I was in safe hands with Amy. She pushed me hard but also kept one eye on my glass hamstrings and pulled me back when I got ahead of myself. I've now been back in classes for a few months and couldn't be happier. The coaches continue to look out for me in class, making sure I am fighting fit. If you are thinking about PT, I'd highly recommend it.

Work with a PT 3

Christmas time I was starting to feel a bit directionless and lost with my training. I didn't have the knowledge to plan my week's sessions appropriately so I was just going to everything, getting knackered and still my newbie-gains were tailing off with little progress being made.

I asked Amy for a chat which was a good step in the right direction and I discovered this tends to happen with lots of people at the same point in their Crossfit journey so we decided to give a few PT sessions a try to get me back on track.

I'd made it clear I wasn't doing PT to fit into a dress or lose any weight, but to get back on track and enjoy my training again with some focus so Amy asked me to choose two movements that I enjoyed that I wanted to work on so I got to get better at the stuff I actually liked doing rather than trying it all because I felt that's what I should have been doing.

I've got a clear training plan of what I work on with her, the classes I attend to support that work (which is great because I love the classes,) and because I'm doing the movements I enjoy, but with 1 on 1 focus and support on my technique, I'm making improvements and feeling good about my training again. It's also quite nice to have someone who's as happy as you are when you make the little wins (and the bigger ones like getting your first kipping pull-ups in the open) Thank you Amy!

Work with a PT 2

If Carlsberg made Personal Trainers….

It definitely made Leila! She is excellent.

Leila’s sessions are incredibly varied: in over a year I haven’t had the same thing twice, which keeps me coming back for more! They are challenging, but in a good way: she has a talent for knowing just what you are capable of which results in you constantly pushing at the limits of your fitness boundaries.

Leila is also incredibly creative and resourceful. I’ve experienced this week in, week out whilst I’ve been working on gymnastics which don’t come naturally to me: Leila has been very patient and supportive, adapting her approach, staying focussed on my goals and working really hard to help me achieve them. Leila’s sessions are also a lot of fun: I end up laughing about something every session.

Leila’s technical knowledge is incredible: my sessions have educated me in proper form and I’m always learning about why she has programmed what she has, because she clearly explains the link between building strength in specific parts of the anatomy and how this is going to help me achieve what I’ve set out to.

Considering Leila’s ability as an athlete and her rugby career (I’m yet to find something Leila hasn’t nailed!), she has a wonderful way of making you feel comfortable, wherever you’re starting from. I have boundless respect for Leilabecause she’s so easy to relate to, and practises what she preaches and the net effect of this is that it really motivates me to work hard and improve.

If you want to get physically and mentally strong, work on particular skills or build the biggest engine in the gym, Leila is an outstanding coach. You will definitely learn to bicep curl, and I’m not promising an easy thruster-free journey, but you will be shocked by the results you get. I can’t believe what I can do now, that I couldn’t do a year ago thanks to working with Leila.