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VFC Programming

Welcome to VFC Programming.

We want to work with athletes who want to take their training to the next level!  Athletes ranging from those who are keen to bridge the gap between fitness for health & fun to competitive fitness all the way through to already experienced athletes who want a programme that is going to challenge them and develop them even further!

Programmes we offer:

  • Fully bespoke programmes for individuals with specific goals and needs, ranging from 2-6 days a week
  • Programmes that are more standardised with variations to suit individual athletes
  • Olympic weightlifting programmes (all abilities)
  • Gymnastic programmes (all abilities)
  • Strength and / or Conditioning programmes with a bias of your choice
  • Sport-specific programmes, where a strength & conditioning programme is required to support a sport or physical challenge
  • Female-specific training, tailored around the hormonal cycle and physiological considerations

And all of these include:

  • Progress tracking
  • Video analysis
  • Regular reviews with your coach as well as a message function for weekly questions and feedback
  • A full video library used for all programmed movements, making training simple, efficient & effective!
  • A full video library used for all programmed movements, making training simple, efficient & effective!

Prices range from £40 - £100 per month


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