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VFC Programming

Welcome to VFC Programming.

We want to work with athletes who want to take their training to the next level!  Athletes ranging from those who are keen to bridge the gap between fitness for health & fun to competitive fitness all the way through to already experienced athletes who want a programme that is going to challenge them and develop them even further!

Programmes we offer:

  • Fully bespoke programmes for individuals with specific goals and needs, ranging from 2-6 days a week
  • Programmes that are more standardised with variations to suit individual athletes
  • Olympic weightlifting programmes (all abilities)
  • Gymnastic programmes (all abilities)
  • Strength and / or Conditioning programmes with a bias of your choice
  • Sport-specific programmes, where a strength & conditioning programme is required to support a sport or physical challenge
  • Female-specific training, tailored around the hormonal cycle and physiological considerations

And all of these include:

  • Progress tracking
  • Video analysis
  • Regular reviews with your coach as well as a message function for weekly questions and feedback
  • A full video library used for all programmed movements, making training simple, efficient & effective!
  • A full video library used for all programmed movements, making training simple, efficient & effective!

Prices range from £40 - £100 per month


I've been programming with Ellie since the summer of 2021 and my main focus was to build strength, RX workouts and to nail gymnastics. In less than 3 months, I went from a few kipping pull-ups and barely lifting my knees to my elbows on the rig, to mastering the butterfly technique and hitting 15 TTB for the SID qualifier. Ellie works with you on a weekly basis to hit your goals and she really gets results. I've been genuinely shocked by my progress, which a lot of members have commented on and it's been down to Ellie's programming, knowledge and encouragement. My training has definitely moved to another level and I have a greater understanding of how to build on performances and improve. I couldn't recommend Ellie enough, and I, for one, will continue working with her to carry on my fitness journey. Thanks Ellie xx

VFC Programming Testimonial 4

I used to be someone who tended to train harder, rather than smarter. But with an increasingly active toddler at home, having the time and energy to get to the gym as much as I had been wasn't happening. When I did get to the gym, it was hard to know how to structure my sessions or what to focus on.

Since the start of the year I've been working with VFC Programming, and it's made all the difference. After chatting with Ellie about my goals (qualify for various comps throughout the year) and weaknesses (too numerous to list), she was able to devise me a program that - with only 3 sessions each week - has be addressing my shortcomings, improving as an athlete and still having fun in the gym. With less time, I've managed to progress more.

Whatever you want to work on, Ellie is receptive, responsive and has a great dialogue with everyone she programs for. She'll push you but also celebrate your progress and wins with you. Whatever your goals, or how much time you've got to train, I can't recommend VFC Programming highly enough.

VFC Programming Testimonial 3

If you're looking to advance your training where you have specific needs and requirements VFC Programming is your solution.

Having always been involved in competative sport and fitness, I found myself wanting to step up my training by adding more volume than a class and to work on my weaknesses. I also wanted it to meet my needs rather than follow a more popular cookie cutter style programs that cater for the masses.

Because the programming is individualised, it has allowed me to manage volume to avoid injury and over training (rest days are now a thing). It also has allowed me to work on my weakness by always "appropriately" challenging me (although sometimes I question Ellie's motives).

Since starting the prgramming I have manged to hit multiple lifetime PB's and compete at SiD Origins with the team, something I thought might be out of my reach as a masters athlete with dodgy knees.

More importantly its rebuilt my confidence and competitive fire since stepping away from more traditional team sports... I'm look forward to many more PB's and competitions!

VFC Programming Testimonial 2

I couldn't recommend Ellie's programming enough! I started in July, with the goal of getting to that 'next level' and being able to compete RX. I can definitely say that goal was reached. I'm still learning new skills, but within 5 months of starting the programming, I was able to compete at SID with the team, this I was over the moon about. Ellie gave me all the tools to work on my weaknesses within those programmed sessions, as well as an additional PT session a week, which helped to drill Olympic weightlifting technique. You can really make the programming whatever you choose, mine was to be challenged (which she definitely did challenge me!) and to feel confident with my weaker skills. But the great thing is the programming is entirely tailored to you! Another benefit is choosing to do the programming individually or with a friend! I trained alongside Tash and having a friend to push you even further and encourage really helped to get those tough sessions complete! Overall, Ellie is super approachable and lovely, plus very knowledgeable! I would recommend the programming to anyone who has a goal, whatever that looks like to you, Ellie can guide you to make it happen. Seeing the difference from Summer until now still amazes me and I couldn't have done it without Ellie's help!

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