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Meet The Team


Maddie Griffin Coach

Hey Team! I’m Maddie,

I joined the Valesco Coaching team in 2022 and have been loving coaching across both our St. Philips and St. Werburghs site ever since!

My background in both Group Coaching and Personal Training started back in 2018. I have since gone onto complete my Pre/ Post Natal course and BWL L1.

Finding strength training and then shortly after CrossFit I was immediately hooked by the amount of new skills to learn (and am still learning). The shift towards “let’s see what my body can do” was a huge game changer, it helped me to really appreciate the difference training with purpose can make to both your fitness goals and overall mindset.

I have a passion for making fitness accessible to everyone that joins Valesco. As a Coach, seeing and supporting members of our community reach goals they never thought possible is one of the most rewarding reasons for doing what we do.

Team Valesco