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Meet The Team

Coach Dec

Dec Heaslewood Coach

Hello! I’m Dec. I’ve been coaching in one way or another for the last 15 years and love being able to help people access the benefits of exercise in whatever way suits them. I’m hugely passionate about the psychological benefits of exercise and after getting into CrossFit around 7 years ago I’m still amazed at how much I get from being in a class. As someone who struggled to meet like minded people I cannot believe how many lifelong friendships I’ve made through the gym.

For me, the challenge and self-mastery elements of exercise are what is special, far more than what someone looks or moves like. Being able to facilitate others in enjoying this in a safe and fun way is what makes being a coach one of the best jobs going (apart from gym dog maybe).

Outside of the gym, I am completing a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology and am hugely interested in the therapeutic elements of exercise… Feel free to pick my brains in this but don’t expect a short answer!

If I’m not coaching or at university, I’m probably in a class myself but on the rare occasion I’m not I’ll probably be found cuddling my cat, with friends or reading.

Team Valesco