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Metcon Mayhem

High tempo classes making the very best of body-weight and lightweight movements in a fast moving and energetic environment. Suitable for anyone wanting to give Functional Fitness a go!


Metcon Mayhem

If you love a good calorie burn, a hit of endorphins, mixing up your training or just love a good old fashioned sweat this class is sure to hit the spot!
These sessions follow the principle of constantly varied and functional movement but will focus on conditioning using a variety of formats and movements including running, rowing and bodyweight movements. No barbells or rig work will feature in these classes.

Metcon Meyhem classes are open to members and non-members. They DO NOT require completion of the Fundamental Course before attending and can be paid for as 1 off ‘drop in’s’, weekly or with a monthly membership as well as forming part of our unlimited and condensed memberships.