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Meet Our Members


Em, Tash & Steve

We are joined by Emma Clapp, Natasha Feher and Steve Jones; three pieces of the Valesco puzzle, three of our SiD team and three all round awesome people that we are proud to have representing our community! We wanted to share some honest perspectives from real people on what it’s like to make the transition from casual ‘class athlete’ to ‘competitive athlete’, what challenges some of our members (and coaches!) face and to have a chat about some of the upcoming events over the coming weeks. Super fun.
What does Emma watch on TV? What’s Tash’s biggest training challenge? How does Steve plan his training week? What is everyone looking forward to this year? Who is SiD and why are the Comp-Team talking so much about him? These are just some of the ground breaking topics we address in todays conversation.
It was super cool to chat to these guys and let them share their views and thoughts with you all and as always, if you want to hear more of something or have any ideas for upcoming episodes, let us know!

Other Members


This time out we are joined by the man, the myth, the legend; Valesco member Harry French. If you know Harry you will, like we were, be looking forward to this. If you don’t? Fear not, we’ve got you. Just a heads up, this is probably one we’ll be turning on the ‘Explicit Content’ switch…
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I'd been feeling quite sluggish for a while and also losing strength.
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