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Meet The Team


Steve Jones Coach

Hey, I’m Steve!

Originally I’m from the sunny seaside town of Exmouth, Devon. Sport has always been a big part of my life, mostly playing football, dabbling with Rugby and in the winter, snowboarding as much as possible.

Returning from a fitness camp in Thailand in 2016 I started my journey in Crossfit. Walking into a Functional Fitness gym for my first class I thought ‘I’ve definitely got this’… the coach just smiled at me; half way through the class I understood why but I never looked back and immediately signed up for the next class. Ever since then I have been hooked with the never ending ride of progression in strength and fitness that this type of training can give you.

When I moved to Bristol in 2019 I tried several gyms in the area; finally ending up at Valesco after realising that there was something special about it straight away. The community is awesome, everyone has a smile on their face and through the gym I’ve met some of my closest friends here.

For some strange reason my favourite movement in a workout is a thruster (usually get a concerned look from people on that one) or a bar facing burpee. Equally I have a huge interest in Olympic lifting and optimising recovery and mobility.

I like to think I am pretty approachable for anyone that has any questions about anything! Look forward to seeing you around Valesco soon…

Team Valesco