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Meet The Team

Coach Leila

Leila Johns Founder & Coach

Hey, I’m Leila and a co-founder and coach at Valesco. As far as I can remember I have always been interested in exercise and have played a whole host of team sports…hockey, football, rugby as well as tennis, squash and athletics.

Having played premiership rugby and county level rugby for 8 years my sporting career hit a pinnacle when I represented wales in the 2013 rugby six nations. A lifelong dream realised but also cut short through injury. At a loss with what to do next, feeling broken and frustrated I tried my hand at Functional Fitness, looking for something I could still push myself at, compete in and be part of a team, I have never looked back. The fantastic community feeling and the drive to become better as an athlete and human being make it, for me ,one of the most addictive, fulfilling and wonderful things you can possibly do.

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to share my passion and knowledge of a life of sport and
conditioning with all our wonderful members. Lifting people up and making them realise their goals and potential is the most rewarding experience as a coach.

When I’m not coaching I can mostly be found chasing after my ginger ninja dog Leo who more often than not has something sweaty that he’s not supposed to have…..wrist wraps ,knee sleeves, t shirts in his mouth! He’s a big part of the team and loves meeting all the members.

Fav Food – undoubtedly my daily breakfast – kilo of porridge and lots of honey
Fav movement – anything that makes you feel sick. Rowing/thrusters/burpees
Most disliked movement – Overhead squats

Team Valesco