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Meet The Team


Jenna Freeman Coach

Hi everyone, I’m Jenna.

After taking part in the Valesco Coaching Internship, I am one of the latest additions to the coaching team and I love it! I have a  background in fitness, having worked previously as a personal trainer in a regular environment. Discovering CrossFit made me even more passionate about training! It challenged my fitness on a whole new level, introduced me to a community of wonderful, like-minded people and highlighted the importance of focusing on functional, quality movements that are relevant to everyday life, rather than focusing on aesthetics.

Fun fact about me: I ran my own healthy cafe for a couple years where I also ran a meal prep service for people, including lots of Valesco members! I am extremely passionate about nutrition and eating to fuel performance, so if you ever want to chat on this topic don’t hesitate to ask – I love to talk about it!

Team Valesco