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Nutritionally navigating the festive season – Volume 2

As we head into December, we thought it might be helpful if we made a few suggestions on food swaps/damage limitation ideas that may help you out!

Fruit Christmas Ornament Line Up

As previous readers will have picked up on, we are real believers in everything in moderation, and that compliance the majority* of the time will allow you to achieve your goals AND enjoy your life.

Something we always talk to our Nutrition clients is the idea of ‘minimum effective dose’ (in training and nutrition) so, if you’re looking to lose weight, and we can still achieve that despite your Friday night drinks with friends and Sunday roasts with family then why, oh why, would we remove that? Sustainability, and living a happy, healthy life dictates that we don’t, right? Right.

So the takeaway from this is that we really don’t want you to be at Christmas parties picking at food and more concerned about what you’ve consumed rather than the people you’re spending time with.  But, if you do find yourself a little concerned over your intake irrespective of the above, then a few small swaps may help you in your journey.

Guilt, or anxiety, isn’t something that should be associated with food; so our inclusion of the ‘food swaps’ below shouldn’t be misjudged as an implied message that you ought to feel bad if you choose to eat the cheesecake, drink the baileys, have the Toblerone, and so on. These food swaps are for anyone who feels like they want to utilise them, for any reason at all.

-Sub in lettuce for things like tortilla wraps, blinis, peking duck, mini burgers. These are perfect finger foods/party foods, and actually, really doesn’t detract from the main element of the dishes too much at all
-Crust-less quiche. High in protein, satiating and a perfect party food (and you can offer to make it and take it with you)
-When using cream, you may be able to sub this out for yogurt or low cal ice cream
-You could also offer some fruits for dessert. After a big meal, a bit of fresh fruit actually goes down quite well!
-Chuck in some veggies where you wouldn’t normally. This could be a few bits of whizzed up cauliflower or carrot to your mash perhaps?
-Chips and dips is a staple and can be so easily replaced with a few crunchy veggies and dips
– Sugar free jelly in trifles and a thinner layermof cream
– Topless (oooh-er) mince pies (and make your own with thin pasty)
– Rub your roast veggies with oil rather than drown them in it – we promise they wont be any less tasty

As always, staying hydrated is a good way to minimise overeating. Also try to ensure that you are still eating some balanced meals. We have all certainly been guilty of just grazing on chocolate and crisps all day long over Christmas and it leaves you feeling pretty rubbish. So maintain a bit of normality, where possible, and still get in some green stuff and lots of lean protein!

Any questions, or if you have any hacks of your own, let us know at:

Happy festive season, everyone!

*that majority will vary from person to person, and depends on so many factors that one individual may require 70% compliance, where as another may require 90%

As always, if you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to talk to your coaches!

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