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We back BACK!

These are all really thoughts going through our heads today but writing this newsletter really helps us to focus on the positives and there are SOOOOO many. So if the weather is making you a bit glum and you’re not sure where the first 6 months of 2021 have gone then read on and we will do our best to cheer you up, it’s certainly cheered us up writing it.
Firstly…there are so many member shout outs this month it’s insane, from wonderfully romantic weddings, to insane challenges to giving back to school children, we are wonderfully proud and delighted for all of you.
Secondly….summer is coming (yep, even as the rain batters down as we write this) we KNOW the nicer weather is coming. So check out dates for your diary for all that we have planned including our beginners competition and a Birthday Party to rival all parties EVER!
Thirdly….and most importantly WE ARE BACK in the gym and coaching classes, taking on new members and having a whale of a time. We really hope you are all enjoying being back and we can not tell you how good it is to see EVERY SINGLE ONE of you…that said please check out the Coaches Corner this month where we focus on the temptation and damage of overtraining and why it’s important to take your foot off the gas for a week.
Lots of new stuff is happening inside and outside the gym so grab a cuppa and settle in for another bumper newsletter.
Big Team Valesco love and sunny vibes coming your way xx
P.s Have you heard about THIS IS NOT A WEIGHTLOSS CHALLENGE? Read on if not, it’s not to be missed…

Celebrating our members

May 21 members shout outs
What an incredible month it has been for our members and we wanted to give a few shout outs to some super special occasions and some incredible achievements!
The Wedding of Olly and Ellie Jelly on 2nd May and Katie and Harrison Reeves on Monday 24th MayHuge congratulations to all four of you on such amazing news. We hope married life is already treating you well. Love and happiest wishes from all of us at Team Valesco.
Faye Cozens for completing her challenge, 102km of Dorset cliff line in ‘bonkers conditions’ last weekend. Faye raised a staggering £1,155 for the wonderful St Peters Hospice, a charity very close to the heart of the Valesco Lion. If you want to give to Faye’s cause please see the link on her members facebook post. Well done Faye what an incredible achievement. We are all so super proud and delighted for you.
Jonny Crease. Tor Croshaw and Tristan Woolcock as a team have qualified for the Loch Games! Fantastic effort team and we look forward to hearing all about the competition weekend in July. Just know that all of Team Valesco are behind you and we wish you all the best for the weekend.
And…not just flexing muscle, some of our members have been flexing the grey matter of the pupils at Kat Ogdens (sorry, should we say Miss Ogden) school. The school held a superhero week and were looking for everyday heroes who are doing and achieving awesome things and following their passions and helping others….so step forward a solid group of the Valesco crew. Massive shout out for giving up their time and standing in front of a lot of curious pupils to Kate (now Reeves) Shlugman, Ollie Jelly, Coach Joe Walker and Ella Rothwell.


BHH (1)
An 8 week challenge to get your sh*t together! Feeling like you need some help to get back into a comfortable rhythm so that life starts to feel a little easier?
This is not about how to lose 5 dress sizes in 2.3 days or become a zen monk an a week! This challenge is about creating and developing good, sustainable, habits that help you in all areas of your life.
CHALLENGE COMMENCES 21/07/2021 (limited places)
Do you struggle to sleep at night?
Is your training goal to get stronger?
Do you drink more coffee than water?
Do you wish you knew more about how to fuel for workouts?
When was the last time you took time for yourself?
Do you know how to get the best from your workouts?
Are you always busy but never really present?
Do you want to integrate some recovery protocols into your training?
Do you know how to relax?
If any of the above have made you smile in recognition, nod your head or shout ‘that’s me!’, ‘This is not a weight loss challenge’ is for you!
This challenge has been designed to support you through:
-Empowering you to take control of things you want to have more influence over
-Developing healthy routines
-Improving quality and / or quantity of sleep
-Building healthy eating habits
-Teach you all the things you can do outside the gym that will help you with everything you do at the gym
-Setting boundaries at home for work, rest and play
-Getting & staying hydrated
-Create more ‘me time’ in your day
With a close coach assigned to you personally; regular advice from a nutrition expert; the ‘6 minute daily journal’ to help keep you on track; regular catch ups with your fellow challengers; a private FB group for questions, sharing road bumps and successes; in person meetings and more, you will have all the support you need to make a huge success of this challenge.
And why are we calling this a challenge? Because building good habits, creating new routines & being kind to ourselves is HARD, it is a challenge. And sometimes we need a little help or push in the right direction to get us to where we want to be!
Who’s in?
Comment on the post on the members page or email us at NOW – we will do the rest!
We have limited this challenge to 20 people so that we can give everyone taking part the very best experience. If you’re keen to sign up or want to know more get an email over to us ASAP, spaces are going lightening fast!!

New summer stash is in!

VFC Stash June 2021

AND IT IS STUNNING! We can’t decide what we want! Probably all of it…

Order forms are on The Den, along with the range on offer, for you to look at and place your orders whenever you are next in.

We will be taking payment upon arrival of the garments from the supplier this time, in a bid to make ordering and receiving quicker, easier and slicker! Items are ordered to the size and requirements you state so if you do order it you will have to pay for it.

Yoga is back in the gym!

image_6483441 (10)

Starting 10:45am on Wednesday 26th May, Yoga will be taught in person in the gym!!

The class is capped to 10 initially (social distancing) but this will increase as restrictions ease.  It is available to book on Wodify now.  It will still be available on Zoom too so if you can’t get to the gym you can still join Leanne for a lush hour of moving, zoning out and relaxation.

'SCALE IT UP' is back!

PHOTO-2021-05-06-14-45-34 (3)

YEP! Our competition, for those new to competing, is BACK! JULY 25th 2021!


DON’T THINK YOU AREN’T FIT ENOUGH BECAUSE OF LOCKDOWN! Everyone has been in the same situation for the past year+ so everyone is feeling the same about their levels of fitness.  So, why not use this comp as a chance to do something with friends, set some manageable short term goals and have some fun!


This is a competition for teams made up 3 same-sex team members.! It is an entry-level competition for beginners looking to get competition experience, have fun and maybe win some prizes along the way. If you’re new to functional fitness or competing then this is the comp for you!


The comp comprises 4 WOD’s with all teams doing all 4, and all team members participating in each of the workouts. And there is something for everyone – workouts are designed to let beginners shine in their areas of strength and push their boundaries in others.  As a beginners comp, you can rest assured there won’t be any technical gymnastics and weighted elements can be scaled.  There really is no reason why anyone wanting to compete can’t get involved!


Keen? Round up and team and get involved! Or message us at and we will work to find you a team.

Pups corner

Leo May Newsletter 2021
Are you all enjoying de-load week?

As a dog that loves down time, I can’t explain how important sleeping and generally lazing around is!

It helps me to feel full of energy and ready to be a general ginger nuisance all of the time. On that note I have been doing a ginger sun dance for the past few days and can confirm that nicer/warmer weather is on its way.

See you all soon for
Leo xx


Deload week stretching

Over training is real. And we all need to be mindful of it – know what it is, know how it affects us and know how to avoid it.

With gyms being one of the only ‘normal’ things you can do at the moment, with so many people still WFH and still not being able to do much socially it is more than understandable that many of you/us are making the most of the gym and coming as often as we can! Socially it is great! For your mental health it is great! For increasing your NEAT (activity outside exercise) it is great! But for our bodies, which have not been asked to work at the same intensity in lockdown as it is now, it may not be so great!

As a general rule of thumb you don’t need to do more than 4 high intensity sessions a week. If you really put the work in when you are here, you will get MORE benefit and BETTER results from doing 4 sessions, than doing 5 or 6 WITH or WITHOUT high intensity.
High intensity can come in lots of forms including the load (so heavy squats or deadlifts) & heart rate (the higher the heart rate the more ‘intense’ it is). A weightlifting class has intensity because you are moving (relative) heavy load – the lack of a sweaty metcon doesn’t mean there is no intensity. Conversely, Metcon Mayhem on Wednesday is intense even without the use of heavy weights.

If you want or need to come to the gym 5 or 6 times a week to support your mental health, do it in a way that supports your physical health. Plan your more intense sessions, spread them out over the week and on the other days think about booking a Mezz Open gym space and coming in to practice a skill or stretch, or book Open gym and grab an erg (rower, bike or ski erg) and do something for 30-40 minutes at LOW intensity.

**As always, if you have any questions, queries or concerns please talk to one of us – your coaches- we are always happy to help in any way we can. **

And, if you think this might be you, you want to understand more of the science behind over training, or you want to know what you can eat to better support your body have a read of this article:

And so this past week we have been deloading….

What is de-loading we hear you ask….and why do we need to do it? GOOD QUESTIONS!  We’re glad you asked….

A de-loading is where we take out some of the volume and intensity in your training programme.  You still get to move weight, just less.  You still get to sweat, just not for as long.  You still get your heart rate up, just not quite so high. And why?  Because it will actually help you get stronger, help prevent injuries and you will avoid burnout…and we think you’ll agree these are all good reasons. Do not be tempted to ignore your coaches and go heavy or hard anyway….it will not do you any favours.  Enjoy a week of training that is fun, puts less stress on your body but still gives your mind that decompression it / you needs!

Deload weeks are also good opportunities to take a small step back from training so hard in the gym and take time to enjoy a long walk, bike ride, go for a swim, still remaining active but taking a step back from the pressure a little bit both mentally and physically.

We hope bodies and minds are feeling the positive effects of de-load week and are raring to go again next week… because we bringing the HEAT!

Easy vegan tacos!

Easy Vegan Tacos
Make these tasty vegan tacos with a smoky-sweet salsa and pack in all of your 5-a-day in one meal. Kiwi brings a moreish, fruity dimension to the salsa so why not get some friends round and give them a try.

Until Next Time, Big Love Team Valesco xxx

Save The Date

Save The Date
This is not a weight-loss challenge commences – 21st June
Scale It Up Triple Threat – 25th July 
The Birthday Party of the Year – 18th September
Scale It Up Safety in Numbers – 3rd October
2021 Valesco Christmas Party – 11th December

Who Wore It Best

This picture makes our heart melt!! Massive shout out to Tasha, Di and Kate for really scoring a triple pointer here with all three rocking their Valesco jumpers in the 9.30am crew session. Talking of which, have we mentioned new stash… on and get your orders in at the Den next time you are in.
Have you turned up looking the same as another Valesco member? Then we want to see. Send your snaps to to be in the next newsletter. We love seeing them!


Your Privacy is Our Policy.

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Valesco goes ONLINE!

Now, more than ever, is the time to move! So we are taking Valesco online to enable our current community and anyone wanting to join us to do just that. In a fun and inclusive environment, we bring you the very best of our training methodologies and community...ONLINE!