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Hey Team and welcome to February’s newsletter providing a round up for the month just gone and a few things to look forward to for the coming months.

We really hope you have had a fantastic start to the new year and that NY’s motivation is now turning into some solid habits, which is s a beautiful Segway into Coach Amy’s Coaches Corner this month. When motivation leaves us how do we keep moving forward to the person we want to and can be?

The big news for February was definitely the showing that Valesco put in at this years strength and depth competition and Coach Ellie has done a nice round up below. Amazing work and massive congratulations to all of those who took part and thank you to each and every one of you that sent messages and came down to support. It was incredible to have so many Valesco faces there. Also a massive Thank You to all of Team Valesco who worked all weekend, volunteering to make it such a well run and awesome event for everyone to take part in.

If watching Strength in Depth or taking part in the Open 2024 has given you a buzz for competition then we have two recommendations for you – Option No 1) get signed up to one, two or all of our Scale It Up series planned and now open to register for 2024 (more information below) Option No 2) if you have competition experience and think you might hit the standards (or are keen to see what you need to work on to join our Comp Training session on a Saturday morning), regardless of site please drop us an email at There are competitions you can work to for any level of athlete (and yes we mean you), they really are for anyone and a huge amount of fun.

We will also be looking for volunteers to help with our upcoming Scale It Up comps, so if you would like to be involved but maybe competing isn’t for you the please make yourself know to Coach Amy, we would love to have your help and there are a variety of roles we need filling.

The last thing to mention this month is the Open 2024. It’s been a bit of a shake up this year with there being 8 teams across both sites and I have to say everyone involved seems to be taking it very seriously (did you see the Team captain announcement reel, soooo good), well mainly just the Team Captains! With such a ‘classy’ Lion Trophy and year long glory, all to play for we feel like things might get nasty, in the very best way possible.

Even if you aren’t taking part this year please come down on a Friday evening and show your support, they are a lot of crazy fun and your coaches and fellow Valesco members would love to see you there cheering them on.

Big Valesco love and spring feeling vibes,
Amy, Ellie and Leila xx



Welcome to the monthly Member Shout out section where we like to celebrate some of the good things we see in the gym day in and day out.


Shout out from Coach Ella – V2 members for the 5.30pm Gymnastics classThere are so many of them who are so consistent and progressing week on week, and are all an absolute pleasure to coach.’

And V1 member Mark Skinner ‘Throws himself into every workout and does it with a beaming smile. It’s been great seeing his confident grow and he has come such a long way since he started”


Shout out from Coach Thea V2 member Laurence Matone. ‘Laurence is a new member settling in great and really getting stuck in to the classes, giving his all each and every class’

Also ‘wee shout out to all the mammas to be at V2 continuing to train and look after their minds and bodies with such a great attitude, lovely big part of the V2 community’


Shout out from Coach Maddie to Emily Hancox at V2 ‘both her gymnastics and strength have come on loads since starting! Super consistent with classes and always really coachable when it comes to developing her tekkers!’.


Shout out from Coach Dec – new V2 members Jordan Gibbs and Rory Hill ‘new members who have thrown themselves in. Super coachable, super friendly, making amazing progress. Feels like they memorised Humble, Inclusive and Proud before they joined’


Shout out from Coach James and he has two this month (as per, lol) – V1 members Niamh and Laura (because obvs they come together)‘They’re a really good time to have in class, clearly have a laugh and enjoy their training – which makes the super enjoyable to coach – but they balance that with a strong work ethic, high movement quality and willing effort when they need too. Two strong, fit and fun members’


And Jack Cook V1 member ‘He is one of the most capable athletes I see in a class and he is so quiet and modest about it. He’s super strong, super fit and an all round good dude. I’d be much more in your face about it if I moved like Jack does! Pleasure to coach and I’m glad he is part of Valesco’.


Shout out from Coach Will to V1 member Louis Labrom – ‘Every time I see Louis in the gym he is either attentively listening and working on refining his technique or he has a massive grin and some cheeky comment mid WOD. Louis brings great energy to every session and is great fun to have in classes’


Shout out from Coach Jade to V1 member Faye Cozens – ‘Faye turns up every week and gives it her all. She is a friendly and supportive member whose positivity rubs off on the whole class. She has had to work around some injuries lately but this has neither slowed her down nor dampened her spirit. You know you are going to have a great time when you see Faye on your class list.’


Shout out from Coach Simone to V2 members Lucy and Dave – ‘Both bring a great vibe to class every time they show up. They’re always laughing and pushing themselves, taking feedback on-board and making solid progress over the past few months.’

Also V2 member Greg Dziedzicki – ‘He is a regular at the weightlifting class, getting stronger each week and focussing hard on technique. He is always upbeat and a pleasure to coach’



SiD 2024…the most fun we’ve had yet?!


The SiD season is one we always look forward to and this season was no exception… in fact, from the very first meeting back in August ‘23 all the way through to the final on the 1st weekend of February, the WHOLE comp training team got involved. Through qualifiers, 7:30pm training sessions in minus temperatures, track running sessions, 6am swim club and the usual Saturday sessions followed by a trip to Bakehouse we had a lot of fun doing a lot of fitness. The commitment and energy from the whole team was unrivalled!


The finals weekend was a blast! With a top 10 finish, the best team cohesion we’ve ever had and finishing 25th overall (24 places higher than qualification) the team did themselves and Valesco SO proud!


The only down side to SiD is that we could only take 12 starting athletes. But, this has made the team hungrier than ever to qualify 2 teams this next coming season and with the truly committed abundance brilliant team we have anything is possible!


Training starts NOW! (Well…after the Open)


A massive thank you to everyone who came along and supported us, it makes such a huge difference having you there! We are truly grateful.


Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 11.46.14

Injury does not always mean you have to stop exercise.


Training around injury definitely does not mean ignore it and crack on…it doesn’t get better.


We all exercise for different reasons and with different motivations and its sods law that an injury will occur at a really inconvenient time (not that there ever is a convenient time!)


How do you manage it?


  1. Seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional regarding a diagnosis of the initial injury, gain advice and if appropriate, a rehabilitation programme.
  2. Adapt your training to accommodate injury, for example if you have a knee injury, aside from rehab, you can modify to seated exercises
  3. Around rehab, reduce weights, focus on form and work on technique. Use the injury time productively; you may come out the end of it a more efficient and powerful athlete.
  4. If you are desperate to do a particular type of exercise while injured, weigh up the risk V’s reward. Is there a risk of making the injury worse?
  5. Talk to people. Injury is frustrating and can play havoc with confidence, mental health and overall quality of life. This is normal, psychologically injury is frustrating!!


Try to avoid googling about training around injury, speak to professionals (qualified rehabilitation therapists or coaches) we are all here to help.



Hey Pup fans,


With new coaches always come new pups and this month is no exception and its Archie’s turn to give us the run down on him. Take it away Dan, we can’t wait to hear all about the loveable pup that is Archie…..


Name: Archie, Arch’, Monkey, Fluffbutt, Monkey-Fluff & Big-Dawg

Age: 9

Breed: Huskador

Special Attacks: Arch-nado & Puppy-Eyes

Weaknesses: Cheese & Pizza

Likes: Food, footballs, cuddles, trail runs, beaches & bedtime

Dislikes: Bathtime, not getting my own way & when people forget to call me handsome


Hi. I am Archie and my human is Coach Dan.


I love exercise, my favourites are: running (sometimes dragging the human), swimming & mountain biking. I don’t really understand why you lot all like playing with metal sticks so much. But jumping over boxes and running are good fun, so maybe you are not completely crazy…


I love coming to Valesco. I get to run around, play with friends (furry and human), I make sure I greet everyone and collect entrance fees. If you see me around feel free to say hi, though be warned I tend to leave hair everywhere!


See you lovely humans soon.


SIU TT 24 poster



DID YOU KNOW THAT EACH SITE HAS ITS OWN MEMBERS FB GROUP? They are awesome little places to ask questions, find out information or just share funny memes or moments from the gym. If you aren’t a member but would like to be please follow this link and request access.


V1 – St Philips

V2 – St Werburghs


Scale It Up Series – Triple Threat 2024

Scale It Up is back and the first of the 3 event series has now been released.

The event takes place on Sunday 28th April and is for teams of 3 same sex athletes and is suitable for everyone to take part

This is an entry-level competition and is aimed at scaled athletes so if you are newer to CrossFit and or competing this is the competition for you. We release all the workouts the week before so you will have time to try them out and work out strategies etc.


Judges are your coaches and competition team, so if you would like to have a try at competing or gain more experience in a friendly, familiar and supportive environment this is for you. If you can do a class you can do SIU.


Full details are included in the QR code on the posters at the gym but if you have any questions at all just reach out to Amy or one of the coaching team.


This is an open competition so if you have mates at other boxes lets get them involved too.

Live DJ, Food and Coffee Vendors all at your home gym. What’s not to love?


Grab your gym buddies and get them involved, it’s a super fun day and we promise you won’t regret it.



Sunday May 11th we’re going for a walk and a pub lunch with our pups and we would love you to join us! Whether you have a dog or not you are more than welcome to join us.  We will be doing the Chew Valley circular which is a really scenic walk that is just less than 5 miles long and there is even a pub stop half way at The Pelican.  After a good old stomp we will be having a (late) lunch of Fish and Chips and Salt and Malt on the lake. We will be gathering numbers in advance so look out for that communication.



Coach Amy

This months Coaches Corner is written by Coach Amy and it’s all Habits.

So March is here and this is often a time of year when I look back at some of the New Years hopes that I have set for myself and evaluate how things are going now we are heading ¼ of the way through 2024…. scary hey?

Motivation carries us through the first few months, with high hopes that motivation alone will keep us going through the rest of the year but suddenly when the shine fades off the 6am alarm and daily chocolate and weekend alcohol has crept back in we need to find a better strategy than hope to keep us working towards the person we want to be.

For me motivation is like lust. All easy, giddy and fun at the start but want comes have lust (or in this case motivation) has left us high and dry, snoozing that alarm and having a few too many drinks at the weekend?


Motivation is the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviours. It is what causes you to act, whether it is getting a glass of water to reduce thirst or reading a book to gain knowledge.


Motivation involves the biological, emotional, social, and cognitive forces that activate behaviour. In everyday usage, the term “motivation” is frequently used to describe why a person does something. It is the driving force behind actions.


So that’s all very well and good, and the reason you have had driving you on to make some positive changes. The common mistake we all make is that we think motivation will last but sadly it doesn’t.


You won’t always feel like training, making healthy choices or stretching before bed. You will often want to coast a workout instead of pushing hard, choose the burger instead of the salad and watch one more episode on Netflix instead of getting an early night and yes occasionally these things are okay but without motivation occasionally becomes often.


So after the shine of motivation has left us what are we left with?

For me this is discipline and habit.


Those who succeed in their goals know that discipline and habit are much stronger than motivation. Creating strong habits and sticking to them whether you want to or not, in that moment, is what helps those who succeed or fail in hitting their goals. Becoming that person that the initial motivations lead them to wanting to be.


Think about training or first joining Valesco. It was motivation that got you through that big roller shutter door and now its habit and discipline that make you keep coming back session after session.


Lust turns into Love. Motivation turns into Habit and Discipline.

If you are trying to implement new habits and / or get rid of some bad ones I would highly recommend the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. I finally got round to reading it last year and it’s such an easy read I finished it in 2 days…. and I’m a slow reader!


Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 11.37.20

Sticky Miso and Aubergine Traybake


Use store cupboard ingredients to pack umami flavour into this simple vegetarian dish, which gives aubergines centre stage. It makes a tasty meat-free meal and just 5 minutes to prep and 45 minutes to cook it’s a bit of a mid week dinner winner.


Until Next Time, Big Love Team Valesco xxx

Save The Date

Save The Date

Scale It Up Triple Threat – Sunday 28th April

Valesco Spring Social Dog Walk – Saturday 11th May

Scale it Up Four of a Kind – Sunday 30rd June

PRIDE WOD and March – Saturday 13th July

Valesco 9th Birthday – Saturday 14th September

Scale it Up Safety in Numbers – Sunday 13th October

Who Wore It Best

WWIB Feb 2024

Check out our Coach Ella and Amy G showing off some switch it up matching outfits. We absolutely loved this and just to prove you lot will do anything to match your training buddies.


Have you turned up looking the same as another Valesco member? Then we want to see. Send your snaps to to be in the next newsletter. We love seeing them!