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Hey and welcome...

All you need to know VFC

Hey Team and welcome to April’s newsletter providing a round up for the month just gone and a few things to look forward to for the coming months.

The big news for April was probably the first Scale It Up comp of the year, Triple Threat. It was so good to have so many hoe teams there competing and the atmosphere on the day was great, we had a ball and we hope you lot did too. Massive congratulations to our winning teams and everyone who came along and took part, you are all winners to us. Thank you to all out helpers and Judges whom without the day would simply not be possible. Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.

Lots of shout out this months from Coaches so do take a minute to check that section and congratulate your fellow members or bask in the glory and be Proud if you have been shouted out this month.

Focus for May is getting Valesco Brislington (V3) open and you are all invited to attend our Launch Party (with more details below) on Saturday 25th May from 9am. It would be great to have as many current members in attendance as possible to welcome the some of the new Valesco members into the community.

Please don’t forget our next social which is the Dog Walk in Chew Valley on Saturday 11th May and no you don’t need to have a dog to come along and the first drink at the bar is on the Valesco Late Cancellation and No Shows fund. We will be starting and finishing at Salt and Malt on Chew Lake so there will be an opportunity to refuel after a nice long stroll together. Full details in Gym Notices below.

We hope you are enjoying the new block of A and B weeks and if you have no idea what we are talking about please see the ‘What’s coming up in Classes’ section from Elle and Maddie, where all will be explained.

Have a fab weekend and can’t wait to see you all in the gym smashing those goals soon.

Big Valesco love,
Amy, Ellie and Leila xx



Welcome to the monthly Member Shout out section where we like to celebrate some of the good things we see in the gym day in and day out.

To start of this months section it’s a sad Valesco farewell to a few people who are moving on to pastures new and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them, wish them well and ask them never to be a stranger if they are ever back in Bristol.

Coach Ella and pup Rooster who are moving to London to pursue a career with RAD. Ben O’Hickey and Emma Goy who are off to Canada for the next adventure together and Aine Foley who is also moving to London for her job and will be missed by many of the 6am crew.

We as a team also wanted to give a shout out to Coach James Iles for his result in this years Functional Fitness Open placing and impressive 278th in Europe in his age category (35-39). James absolutely smashed a couple of the workouts too and we know he would never mention it as Humble is just about his middle name, so from us James, you smashed it and we are very proud of you.

Shout out from Coach Amy – V1 member Sarah Davies ‘I just wanted to give a shout out to V1 members Sarah for something pretty epic that’s happened outside of the gym. Sarah and her friend Lucy have set up Click events hoping to help under 40’s in Bristol form genuine friendships. These events will run once a week at different venues across the city and I think its awesome to set up something like this alongside all other life commitments and deserves a shout out here at least ”

Shout out from Coach Thea V1 member Sophie Jones. ‘Sophie is super lovely to everyone at the gym and has a great positive attitude especially with her training whilst dealing with her injury at the moment.’

Shout out from Coach Maddie to Sarah Tranter at V1 ‘Sarah has become one of the regular crew at 9.30am. She has been working really hard since she started to make sure her technique is on point and always pushes herself to do a little more than the week before. The progress between now and when she started six months ago is really showing.’

Also a Shout out from Coach Maddie to Ross Leslie at V2 ‘Ross always shows up and works really hard in class. He often stays behind nd puts in extra work into both his mobility and higher skilled gymnastics. Even took a podium place at last weeks SIU comp.’

Shout out from Coach Dec –V2 member Alfred Puerta Casadevall ‘Super coachable and super sociable. A previous Avon members who made a real effort to get to know everyone ta St Werbs early on and outs a shift in every class he attends.’

Also Shout out from Coach Dec –V2 member Hannah Lennox ‘Hannah has been making great progress on her lifting recently. She hit two PB’s in her first comp (SIU) and always works hard in class and encourages others to do so too.

Shout out from Coach James – V1 members Ben O’Hickey ‘He’s really consistent with his training and super humble in character based on how fit he actually is. He always moves well, super likable and personally I really enjoy having him in class. He also got his first ever BMU last week, which was probably worth a shout out on its own! It’ll be definitely sad to see him and Emma move to Canada.’

Shout out from Coach Dan to V1 member Leon Clark – ‘Leon has been training with us for a while now and his dedication is really showing in the quality of his movement and that’s only going to transfer more and more. Great work Leon, keep it up.’

Shout out from Coach Jade V1 members Laurence Villotti – ‘Laurence embodies the Valesco values of Humble and Proud. As a strong competent athlete he nevertheless actively seeks out coaching to continually improve, showing great humility and being super receptive to feedback. He adheres strictly to movement standards and is always looking to move more efficiently and virtuously, taking pride in the precision of his movement. His Olympic lifting has improved a lot recently and it won’t be long until he gets his first BMU. I won’t be surprised if he hasn’t already achieved it before this goes to print.’

Shout out from Coach Simone to V2 member Tom Marsh – ‘Big shout out to Tom for always showing up to our Wednesday weightlifting classes and working hard t improve his technique. Tom is a pleasure to work with and always takes feedback on board. His progress in the previous block was impressive, and I ma sure his hard work will pay off again on this block. Can’t wait to see him hit a new PB snatch by the end of it.

Also from Simone John Pratt from V2 ‘Big shout out to John for his dedication and commitment ot improving his strength, technique and overall fitness. He absolutely crushed it at the SIU comp, hitting a PB of 75kg x 2 for the Clean and Jerk. Keep up the amazing work John’

Shout out from Coach Johnny to V2 member Lucy De Vial – ‘Lucy is great to coach, responds really well to cues and always rocks up with a smile. She has great technique on the barbell and recently smashed handstand walking through consistent training. Keep it up Lucy.’

As a Coaching Team we also wanted to give a massive shout out to Nicole and Holly Church. They have raised nearly 5 grand for charity hiking to Everest Base Camp, what a great thing to do for such an awesome cause.

Gym Notices

v3 launch day


Yes, its official Valesco is having another baby and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome Valesco Brislington to the family. The gym is planned to open on Monday 27th May with the official launch party happening on Saturday 25th May from 9am until 12pm. Full details where released yesterday and if you like a work out, love a coffee and can’t say no to a free bacon sandwich then we think this event might just be for you. Keep us free in your diaries please as we would love to see as many of you there as possible. Team workout at 10am if you want to get involved and try out the new space.


DID YOU KNOW THAT EACH SITE HAS ITS OWN MEMBERS FB GROUP? They are awesome little places to ask questions, find out information or just share funny memes or moments from the gym. If you aren’t a member but would like to be please follow this link and request access.

V1 – St Philips

V2 – St Werburghs



Sunday May 11th we’re going for a walk and a pub lunch with our pups and we would love you to join us! Whether you have a dog or not you are more than welcome to join us. We will be doing the Chew Valley circular which is a really scenic walk that is just less than 5 miles long and there is even a pub stop half way at The Pelican, with the Valesco ‘No show and late cancellation fee fund’ buying the first round. After a good old stomp we will be having a early tea of Fish and Chips and Salt and Malt on the lake. We will meet at Chew Valley Lake Car Park at 2.30pm to set off no later than 2.40pm.

What's coming up in classes

st werbs

Hey Team,

Firstly we want to say a MASSIVE thank you to each and every one of you for reaching out with feedback, suggestions and ideas of what you want to see next.

The new block is incoming as of Monday 8th April and we’re really looking forward to getting stuck into another great block of training!!

In order to get as much into this block as possible we are going to be working with a week A and week B structure in place and it will look a little something like this:

14 weeks in total- 12 weeks alternating between A and B, finishing up with 1 test week and of course 1 deload week.

Week A:

Monday- Front Squats + Metcon

Tuesday- Pull ups – Strict strength focus + Metcon

Wednesday- Metcon Mayhem- Specifically intervals and sprint efforts

Thursday- Push Jerk + Metcon

Friday- Power Snatch (Specifically barbell cycling) + Partner WOD

Gymnastics– TTB

Weightlifting– Snatch % work, OHS and Snatch Drills

Week B:

Monday- Lunges (in varying form) + Metcon

Tuesday- Kipping/ Butterfly Pull ups and Chest to bar (skill development or capacity building if you already have these) + Metcon

Wednesday- Metcon Mayhem with endurance focus

Thursday- Floor press (With tempo work) + Metcon

Friday- Power Clean (with interval weight training) + Partner Wod

Gymnastics– BMU Progressions

Weightlifting– Complexes, OHS and snatch drills

A few things Metcons will specifically include are; highest pulling movement, percentages for barbell work, “pick your stimulus” (higher percentages with lower reps for those who want to focus on strength and higher reps with lower weights for those looking to improve capacity).

Any questions on what’s to come please reach out.

Ellie and Maddie.

Coaches Corner

Coach Maddie

This months Coaches Corner is written by Coach Maddie and it’s all about competition. Take it away Maddie.

Hey Team,

The sun’s back (almost) and the summer comp season is just around the corner, with many of you kicking it off with the first Scale It Up of the year last weekend!!

Whether it’s your first comp, you have a one or two in the calendar for this summer or you are thinking about signing up; here are a few tips on how to survive and most importantly ENJOY the day!


If you came down to Friday night-lights for the open you’ll already know how great it is getting stuck into a workout with the community. Coming together at comps is no different and really makes for a great day out where you can test your fitness and have a lot of fun with your team.

Before the comp..

Going into comp day well rested is super important, make sure you bring the intensity of your training down the week before, you don’t want to be starting the day with DOMs and/or ripped hands! Take an extra rest day leading up to the weekend and maybe fit in a steady zone 2 session a day or two before.

Event details are often released the week before, if there’s any movements you or your team aren’t sure of, book into open gym and test them out, you’ll want to feel confident in your plan before the day of the events.

The day of the comp.

Arrive with plenty of time, register your team and find a good spot to get set up for the day, find out your heat times and be ready for the Athlete briefing.

Fuel as you normally would!!!


The morning of the comp is not the time to try carb loading, taking beta-alanine, BCAA’s or to see what happens when you have your morning coffee and a Nocco. Don’t try anything new, stick with what you know works.

Bring food that tastes nice, is light on your stomach and you know you’ll want to eat. It’s hard to eat with WODs so close together but it’s super important to keep fuelling between events, finding foods that are easy to take on will keep your energy up throughout the day.

Once you know when your heat times are make sure you head to the warm up area 15 mins in advance of this. Take yourself through some mobility, get your HR up on an erg and build up to your working weight for the WOD ahead. Make sure you are ready for when your team is called.

Post comp.

Rest, recover and refuel some more!! The amount of energy and adrenaline you use on comp day is more than you would in training. Give your body and nervous system a couple of days rest and then some lighter sessions after that to ease yourself back in.

Most importantly, enjoy the day and have confidence in the hard work you have put into your training! No matter where you end up on the leader board it will be great a day out with your team. Put up the best performance you can and learn from anything that didn’t quite go the way you wanted it too. As long as you do that (and have fun) it’s a successful event.

If you fancy a listen on all things competitive fitness this past podcast episode from the Valesco Podcast may be for you here


screenshot 2024 05 02 at 13.50.13

One Pan Seafood Roast and Smoky Garlic Butter

Give the Sunday roast a new look this Bank Holiday weekend with hasselback potatoes and smoky, charred seafood, all cooked in one pan. Serve with bread for mopping up the buttery juices. Sounds like an absolute winner to us.

Who Wore It Best


Gnome doubt about it we are scraping the barrel this month but here he is in all his Gnome glory Coach Dec, the newly named Valesco Gnome. We think the resemblance is striking and Coach Dec has certainly been causing plenty of Gnome mischief on SM recently, naughty gnome!

Have you turned up looking the same as another Valesco member or spotted a striking resemblance? Then we want to see. Send your snaps to to be in the next newsletter. We love seeing them!

dec gnome

Pup corner


Hey Pup fans,

So with one of our Valesco Values being inclusive we would like Dec to introduce his pet this month.

What?! A cat in pup corner?

That’s right, something for the cat fans this month.

Meet Athena, Dec’s boss.

Also known as Cat butt, fluff butt or Bobs, she is a prolific gift giver. Unfortunately for Dec, these gifts are in the form of small animals and an obscene amount of fluff left on clothes.

Athena’s likes include: Sunshine naps, 2am zoomies, lying on Dec’s chest while he’s asleep and perching precariously on fences.

Sadly for those keen to meet her, her dislikes include leaving the immediate area around her house, vacuums and rain.

If Athena programmed for the gym, every day would be a rest day, with the odd max height jump thrown in just so she can show off.