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Hey Team and welcome to Octobers newsletter and first and foremost HAPPY HALLOWEEN…we hope you all had a spooktacular weekend.


My goodness what a month it has been for Team VFC with the opening of the brand new site in St Werbs and the final Scale It Up of the year we feel like we haven’t stopped and its been AMAZING from start to finish.


Firstly we want to take this opportunity to welcome all the brand new members of the St Werburghs site to Team VFC its incredible to have you all on-board and we literally can’t believe we opened the doors with no less that 75 members and the second member in take is also looking super promising to fill the new gym up nicely. It’s been amazing to meet you all and we can’t wait to continue your fitness journey with you.


To celebrate the opening we had the official launch party on Saturday 8th October and celebrated in the only way we know how, working out, Tacos and Beer. It was so lovely to have so many faces come and join us and celebrate this massive achievement for VFC with us. Thank you to everyone who came down and showed their love, we really do appreciate it.


October 9th (yep the day after the launch party) we hosted our final Scale It Up Competition of the year at V1. It was another great day of competition and it’s amazing as always to see so many people here from other boxes and our own, throwing down, gaining PB’s and making more fitness memories. We absolutely love hosting them. Thank you in again to all the judges and helpers who put themselves forward to help on the day. We say it every time, and it never gets any less true, we couldn’t do it without you all.


So with Halloween today we think it only fair to start talking about Christmas (no moaning, Django!). We have once again secured the amazing venue of Klosterhaus and it will be open to all VFC members regardless of location. The date is Saturday 10th December 7.30pm with a Christmas themed fun Team WOD in the morning and the sign up sheets (one in each location) will be out soon. Due to max capacity of 100 spaces will be at a premium so we will only be opening up to VFC members at this stage and then partners at a later date if numbers allow. Please do get sign up ASAP as numbers will be limited to 100…. looks like next year we might need a bigger venue all together.


Tickets for the evening are £50 which includes a 3 course meal, your first drink at the bar and wine for the tables.


Thank you for another month of love, support and all round positiveness. We really appreciate all of you making Valesco what it is.


Lots of love,

Amy, Ellie and Leila xx


Henry and Claire

Massive shout out and congratulations to one of our longest standing members Henry Franklin who go married to his lovely partner Claire this month, The day looked absolutely amazing, as did the honeymoon snaps. Huge congratulations form us all to you both. Wishing you a life time of happiness together.

Shout out from Coach Ellie to Jo, Rose and Jazz “who completed their intro last night and we’re back in for 09.30 this morning! They’ve formed a WhatsApp group to keep them accountable and arrange going to classes together. They all asked loads of great questions in their class this morning and we’re super lovely to coach!”

Also from Coach Ellie to Dan Keast. “for giving training 110%, for being a huge supporter of others, for always having something funny to say and for never giving up…HSPU are on the horizon!”

Shout out from Amy to Martin Tranter. After speaking to mote than one of the coaches Martin identified that is mobility needed work to improve his overall movement pattern. Since being recommended and downloading GO WOD just over two weeks ago he has clocked up over 2 hours of mobility work already. Super impressive stuff, which I have no doubt, whatsoever, its going to pay massive dividends in the long run. The man also blows my mind with his Burpee Box Jumps and Burpees in general to be fair.

Also from Coach Amy to John Pratt and Orlando Kitto-Lloyd “for absolutely throwing themselves into everything Valesco has to offer, being great fun to have in class and making friends with everyone. Two of the St Werbs original crew and we hope they stay that way for a long time to come.”

From Coach Stew to Kelly Thomas – “new St Werburghs member. Never done Functional Fitness before, decided it was time. She’s got stuck in straight away and I’m really pleased that she’s enjoying it. Plus her first ever metcon was a horrendous one!”



Hey team!

Welcome back and welcome to all our new members, coaches and listeners!

This time out we are joined by Sofia, former member of Valesco and one of few people we know to have experienced what it’s like to row across the Atlantic Ocean! It’s always lovely to hear from Sofia and this time, we wanted to share the enjoyment with all of you.

How do you prepare for a 50-day row? How do you go to the bathroom on a rowing boat? What keeps your friends, your friends? What’s life – and the emotional rollercoaster – like after such a big event? We’ve got you covered, so sit back and listen up.

As always, feedback and thoughts are very welcome and we hope to back again soon! If there is anything you want to hear us talk about or anyone you want to hear us talk to, let us know! Until then, have a lovely day!

Listen and find all our PODCASTS here!!

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Leo’s words of wisdom and why we should love November!


As a dog that loves warm sunshine, napping in the shade and playing ball in the park with my humans November, which is pretty much the very beginning of winter, can be a struggle. I hate getting out from under my blanket when it’s still dark outside.


However I have found a few reasons why you humans should be happy about it being November next week.

  1. It is totally appropriate to spend the weekend eating jacket potatoes, drinking hot chocolate and spending Hours watching old school movies. This will be greeted with approving nods instead of judgemental looks.
  2. Movember – The only time it’s acceptable to grow a moustache and have an excuse to look like a 70’s TV presenter.
  3. Blinding sunshine and blue skies albeit a little bit chilly. Those blue skies though!!
  4. Feeling like an Olympian when you continue to go to the gym because all normal gym users have started to chicken out and stay indoors instead.
  5. Melting marshmallows into each and every one of your hot drinks.
  6. I know it’s early but Christmas markets!! All the twinkly lights.
  7. Total guilt free shopping because it’s for your friends and family. The January credit card bill of doom is still light years away.
  8. Piling on all the layers, coats, scarfs and gloves until you look like Joey in that episode of friends.
  9. Cosiness – Roasting fires, crispy leaves under foot, mugs of hot tea. Next level cosy.
  10. Lastly but not least…be more dog!





This months Coaches Corner is from Coach Gemma and it’s all about Valesco KATZ.


What an EPIC start to the Valesco Kidz and Teenz (KATZ) fitness sessions. We’ve successfully delivered the first 6-week block of training, which has taught all our KATZ the fundamentals of the squat, deadlift and strict press. We have also been creative with various obstacle courses to challenge their movement control and proprioception. And of course, finish every session with a little fitness fun!


If you haven’t heard about the Valesco KATZ, here’s everything you need to know: The sessions are coached by myself, Gemma Rowland – I completed her MSc Strength and Conditioning in 2020, focusing my research on strength and functional movement development for injury prevention – something which drives my motivation for working with U18s, to ensure they grow up fit and healthy. I am also extremely passionate about mental health, and believe that physical activity is an excellent tool to support our overall wellbeing.


As for the sessions themselves, there are 3 sessions per week to cover a range of age groups; Tuesdays 4.30 – 5.15pm (Ages 7 – 11), Thursdays 4.45 – 5.30pm (Ages 12-15), Thursdays 6.30 – 7.17pm (Ages 15 – 18), which are all delivered on the Mezz. I am happy to discuss the individual needs of any child / teen, particularly those who sit on the cusp of different age groups and may want to attend a different session. All sessions follow a similar structure; 10 min Warm Up, 15 min Strength, 10 min Movement Control, 10 min Conditioning, 5 min Cool Down. The only difference may be the weights used, and the difficulty of the movements – but as we all know, these can be scaled for all abilities!


The sessions are currently being delivered for FREE until the end of December, as we want all Kidz and Teenz to have the opportunity to discover Functional Fitness (something which they may not have had the opportunity to try in school). Studies released recently by UK Youth Sport Trust and Sport Wales, show children are dropping out of sport at an alarming rate due to lack of enjoyment, and we think it’s important to change this narrative, to show them that fitness can be FUN. If you think your children (of your friend’s children) would enjoy an introduction to functional fitness then get in touch with and bring them along to one of the sessions. You can also follow @valescokatz on Instagram to keep up with all the action.


Screenshot 2022-10-31 at 13.43.29

Halloween Healthy Stuffed Peppers


Can’t be done with carving a whole pumpkin or Tesco have run out? Maybe try celebrating Halloween with these spooktacular healthy stuffed peppers instead. They’re perfect for a Halloween buffet or a family dinner ahead of trick-or-treating


Until Next Time, Big Love Team Valesco xxx

Save The Date

Save The Date

The Valesco Christmas Party – Saturday 10th December. Sign up sheets are out now. Sign up to miss disappointment

Strength in Depth Finals Weekend – Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th January 2023


Who Wore It Best

Rich and Maria WWIB Oct 22

We did’t think these stunning outfits from regular 6am crew members could go a miss from the recent competition they both took part in. Maria and Rich competed at the Hyrox UK event up in Birmingham as a mixed pair team and had the best time looking at the photos. Here is our favourite….look at those happy faces! Congratulations guys, super proud of you both.


Have you turned up looking the same as another Valesco member? Then we want to see. Send your snaps to or to be in the next newsletter. We love seeing them!