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Sunnier times are a’comin’!

We couldn’t be happier writing this newsletter this month, the morning are getting lighter, the evenings longer, the weather warmer, oh and something else…WE ARE RE-OPENING ON MONDAY 12TH APRIL (yeah, yeah we know, all being well and as long as things stay on track in the UK). Honestly we are thrilled to finally have a date and a light and what has been a long and sometimes very dark tunnel for us all.
PLUS Baby Margot Turner-Johns has entered the world and we couldn’t be more thrilled that she is here safely and settling in well at home. Massive CONGRATULATIONS to Leila and Lucy and their stunning baby girl – honestly she is the cutest thing we have ever seen and we can’t all wait to meet her.
For us this month is a great month but we do appreciate that a lot of us are still finding day to day hard. We do hope that with at least a potential roadmap out of the situation we have found ourselves in for the best part of a year it provides some comfort and assurance that sunny days are on the horizon.
It goes without saying, that if there is anything we could be helping you with please reach out to us on any of the usual channels, we always love to hear from you no matter what the reason.
Big Team Valesco love and positive spring, baby, longer days, warmer weather, opening soon vibes

The Valesco Team Cup

VTC 2021 Final Line up

So the final results are in and it’s a MASSIVE congratulations to Living La Vida Lockdown for taking the win overall, Born Winners in 2nd and The IncredibELLIE’s in 3rd. Well done Teams!

The winning team was led by Barb Van Der Eerden and Tash Feher with the other 8 members consisting of Dana Woodyatt, Henry Franklin, Chris Bull, Susie Lednarvo, Sarah McDonald, Maarja Heinsoo, Angus Hutton and Victoria Croshaw. These guys and girls worked incredibly as a team and managed more team ZOOM classes than any other team which made them uncatchable from about the third week onwards. Fantastic teamwork and a deserved win.

It’s been an awesome few weeks and we really hope you all got something out of it, I know we personally did. Thank you to our Team Captains who have led from the front and given up their free time to make it happen, we couldn’t have done it without you so thank you.

Pups corner

Harley just wanted to say whether or not you took part in the Valesco Team Cup, you are all champions to us and we thank you for being superstars throughout the last three months. Please be kind to yourselves and others around you, treat yourself how you would like to be treated, look after yourselves and reach out and ask for help if you need it. It’s ok not to be ok.
Big Pup Licks xx

The Valesco Fitness Collecive Podcast


The most recent podcast is with our very first external guest which was an exciting milestone for us! 

We were joined by a real life Sport & Exercise Psychology Consultant! Connor has taken some time out to join us, answer some of our questions and share his thoughts on present moment training – or mindfulness to the mass-market.

As you can probably tell, we thoroughly enjoyed having Connor with us this week and if you guys get even half the value from this conversation that we did, we’ll be very happy with our efforts! Connor is hugely knowledgeable and very humble – as well as being a super nice guy! – so I am sure this won’t be the last you’ll hear from him on the podcast. If there is anything you want to hear his Sport-Psych views on, let us know!

As always, your thoughts and feedback are incredibly valuable and we are, genuinely, forever thankful for your time and feedback! Listen here

Lockdown Babies are starting to bloom!

baby boom
We wanted to celebrate a few more babies that have come into the world since the start of lockdown. Massive congratulations to you all and we do hope the new members of the family are settling in well.
Jack Colin Savill born 26th December to the lovely Johnny and Kayleigh Savill
Henry Martin, born in early September to Jo and Remy Martin
Thea Rose Heslop, born on 21st October to Amanada and Mike Helsop
Beti Halima Robins Pugh, born on Thursday Aug 6th to Laura and Tariq Robins-Pugh
We appreciate there are a few more to come so watch this space and we can’t wait to meet them all!


EXBAND coached
These fully coached workouts are fab as a stand alone programme or an addition to your current training regime. These workouts are great if you are short on space, time and equipment but still want to get your pump on.
These are 15 minutes fully coached pre recorded sessions that you can do anywhere at any time, what’s not to love. You even get to see some familiar Valesco faces?
And with a two week FREE trial and only £7.99 per month after that it’s a bit of a steal!

General Notices / Gym Updates

ZOOM Class
Valesco doors might be physically shut (for now) but please do remember we are very much open online for all your training needs. Classes are at 7am, 12pm and 6pm Monday through to Friday. 9am Saturday and 10pm on Sunday for some exercise based fun with one of our coaching team.
Don’t forget there is also Yoga twice a week with the wonderful Leanne. Sundays at 9am and Tuesdays at 6pm. We highly recommend joining Leanne for one of her incredible sessions!!
And Ellie’s Handstand Press Up workshop started this week (24th Feb) and will continue for the next 5 weeks on Wednesday at 8am, so why not come and join us and have some fun upside down? Your keen to join but missed the first session? No worries at all –  you don’t have to come to all of them, just join or catch up on the sessions when you can!!


Ellie 2

I want to talk to you about HYGGE (hoo-ga)- the Danish way to live well. Because I wish I had taken the time to understand this concept sooner!

Lockdown has been tough for so many people – in different ways and in varying degrees – but for the vast majority it has been tough.  When I think about the things I have found tough over the past 12 months they almost all boil down to 1 thing…I miss people.  I miss talking face to face when I can see someone’s whole face; I miss going for dinner with a friend; I miss popping over to mums for a cup of tea and some motherly wisdom; I miss going for a coffee after training with my brother; I miss training with my friends; but most of all I miss hugs.  I miss hugging all the people I love and care about so very much.

So why am I talking about Hygge?  Well, it is a Danish way of living that is about ‘ taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things’, ‘cosy togetherness’, ‘create feelings of comfort and warmth’, ‘creating comforting space using light’ – it is a word that doesn’t have a direct translation but you get the idea.  The book I am reading has this rather lovely Hygge manifesto:

1: Atmosphere – Turn down the lights

2: Presence – Be here now. Turn off the phones

3: Pleasure – Coffee, chocolate, cookies, cake, candy. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

4: Equality – ‘We’ over ‘me’. Share the tasks and airtime

5: Gratitude – Take it in. This might be as good as it gets

6: Harmony – It’s not a competition. We already like you. There is no need to brag about your achievements

7: Comfort – Get comfy. Take a break. It’s all about relaxation

8: Truce – No drama. Lets discuss politics another day

9: Togetherness – Build relationships and narratives

10: Shelter – This is your tribe. This is a place of peace and security

Think reading your favourite book under a cozy blanket with a warm cup of tea; think having 2 or 3 of your favourite people over for a hearty stew, warm sourdough and a good bottle of wine; think baking your favourite cake and then delivering some to your family for them to share in its delights; think sitting around a log burner in a big wooly jumper, talking with friends about your hike up the mountain that day; think about sitting in a hot bubble bath listening to your favourite chill out music, surrounded by candles; cuddling up to your four legged furry friend on the sofa and watching a movie. Hygge is anything that brings comfort, coziness, warmth, good vibes and happiness…. A HUG WITHOUT THE PHYSICAL ACT OF HUGGING! And it works on a physical and emotional level. When we are hugged we feel calm.  The physical act of hugging causes the release of a hormone called oxytocin which makes us feel happy and reduces stress, fear and pain. Cool, huh?! What is even cooler is we can trigger the release of this hormone by doing ‘hygge’ things! So go grab your blanket, your favourite book, a big slice of cake and hunker down for a hour of pure self indulgence and relish in it.  You need it. You deserve it.

Nothing will ever replace hugs, learning about Hygge I have found new ways to help deal with the discomforts and sadness of lockdown.  Lockdown is not here to stay but embracing a more Hygge way of life is something I am taking forward with me and plan on discovering on greater levels.

For anyone who’s interest has peaked, I read ‘The Little book of Hygge’ (and now dip in and out on a regular basis).

From me to you – give yourselves a big ‘hygge’ hug xxx

Amy's Quick and Easy Banana Protein Muffins

Banana Muffins
Pretty impressed with my made up breakfast muffins!! Like cake? Want something sweet but not too naughty? I have just the thing! They have become a staple in my go to morning routine and taste good wiht that first coffee of the day.
1 medium Banana mashed
40g Oats
60g Greek Yoghurt (I used full fat)
Sprinkle of Cinnamon
Scoop of Banana/Vanilla/Chocolate Protein Powder
1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
Mix it all together and separate into three muffin tin portions. 15 minutes Gas mark 6!! Bosh!
Just don’t make more than three at a time….they won’t last (as in you will eat them, i’m sure they would last in an airtight container)

Until Next Time, Big Love Team Valesco xxx

Save The Date

Save The Date
GYM RE-OPENING – MONDAY 12th APRIL – to be confirmed
Scale It Up Triple Threat – 27th June
Scale It Up Safety in Numbers – 3rd September
2021 Valesco Christmas Party – 11th December
The Riot workout submission deadline – to be confirmed

Who Wore It Best

Johno WWIB
Johno and Alfie looking super cute in our (slightly late but we don’t care Festive) WWIB for February.
Slightly out of season but we wanted to give a final nod to Johno to wish him well on his move to Bedfordshire to be closer to family. It’s been an absolute pleasure to see and be part of Johno’s journey since day one transforming into a strong and confident Coach and Quiz Master. Johno has been a massive support to Valesco since the day he walked through that big roller shutter and we wish him nothing but the very best for his move. Johno – Thank you for everything you have done for us over the years. We really do hope you stay in touch and come and drop by for a WOD whenever you are back in Bristol.


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Valesco goes ONLINE!

Now, more than ever, is the time to move! So we are taking Valesco online to enable our current community and anyone wanting to join us to do just that. In a fun and inclusive environment, we bring you the very best of our training methodologies and community...ONLINE!