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Hey Team and welcome to May’s newsletter providing a round up for the month just gone and a few things to look forward to for the coming months. Sorry it s bit late, we have been navigating our Brand New Website, so whilst you are here why don’t you check it out and let us know what you think?

The big news for May…..yes, its official Valesco’s third baby is here and we couldn’t have been more pleased with how the Launch Day went. We had 80 (yes, eight zero) people take part in the Launch Day WOD with a massive 40 people in each heat. It was amazing to have so many members, new and old, friends and family down there. Thank you from all of us for your support and help whilst we grow the Valesco family. It means the word to us and we hope that those who have moved over to the new space are enjoying what it has to offer and welcome to the fold to all the new members who have joined the new Brislington site.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome the 100 new members that have joined the Valesco family at Valesco Brislington already, its amazing to have you all on-board joining the already strong community. We can’t wait for our first social to bring everyone together.

Talking of socials we had our Spring Social in May and the weather really was on our side and was so lovely to have so many members and their pups join us on the Chew Valley circular route and the pub stop was funded and enjoyed by the Late Cancellation and No Show fund.

High up on the the agenda for the next few months is the relocation and complete revamp of V1 St Philips which is now being know as V1.1, the same but improved version. Over the coming months we will be planning the move and the refresh of equipment that is planning to take place making three stunning looking gyms for everyone to enjoy.

Talking of V1 this month ‘Pup Corner’ has turned into ‘Frog Corner’ and some of you know something!!! You are driving us coaches all wild with the appearance of these frogs and we will find the truth…. check out ‘Frog Corner’ for more details and help us on the hunt for the joker!

We hope you are enjoying the block of training and more about that from Coaches Ellie and Maddie later on in the newsletter. It’s well worth a read.

Have a fab weekend and can’t wait to see you all in the gym smashing those goals soon.

Big Valesco love,

Amy, Ellie and Leila xx


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Shout out from Coach Hamish – V2 member Alex Wise ‘Shoutout to Alex Wise at V2 who has consistently put in the work over the last couple months and shown a great attitude to training. Alex has worked on specific drills and banded work in gymnastics class, which all paid off this week when Alex nailed the elusive first bar muscle up. Nice work Alex!’


Shout out from Coach Thea V1 member Jon Williams. ‘My shoutout goes to Jon Williams, V1 7am regular super dedicated to improving coming to the gymnastics classes and often stays behind to work skills like DU’s, also got his first muscle up at the weekend!’


Shout out from Coach Will to Meg Roworth at V1 ‘Can I shoutout Meg from V1 for working really hard to work on her mobility but committing to the process! Really fab to see her in so many weightlifting classes and seeing the effort pay off.’


Also a Shout out from Coach Will to Chloe Davis – ‘Absolute unit who is flying in this weightlifting block, excited to see what her max snatch will be at the end of the block!’


Shout out from Coach Dec –V2 member Lucy De Vial – ‘Lucy has a ridiculous work ethic which has seen her make amazing progress in lifting, gymnastics and engine work. Last month she got her first kipping pull ups shortly before completing her first marathon. Plus she always brings good vibes to class and is really supportive of fellow members so really embodies the Valesco spirit’


Also Shout out from Coach Dec –V2 member Rod Brandao ‘Rod is a pleasure to have in class and consistently works hard on his weaknesses. Super coachable and really friendly, Rod is either putting in a shift or dancing, and recently RX’d his first workout. Keep it up.’


Shout out from Coach James – V1 members Emma Kuwertz Pretty sure she’s already had a shout of from me at some point but honestly, I can’t not! She’s so humble, keen to learn, incredibly consistent, works super hard and it’s really paying off! Seeing her TTB, Pull-ups, Handstand Walking and ultimately just her overall Gymnastic ability, overall movement quality, weightlifting and almost anything you could compare to the athlete she was 12 months, it’s night and day. Probably my most deserving shout out to date for me.’


Shout out from Coach Dan to V1 member Owen Watkins – ‘I’d like to shout out Owen Watkins this month. Owen always turns up with a brilliantly sarcastic enthusiasm that lightens the mood. While Owen isn’t the quietest member in any class he always brings an energy to classes which I think has more of an impact than he might realise. Owen, stay fun, humble and consistent.’


Shout out from Coach Simone to V2 member Etka Shetty ‘Ekta got an amazing attitude and stays humble no matter what. Her strength and determination to push herself are seriously impressive. She’s always game for new fitness challenges and takes feedback like a champ. Plus, her support for other members is top-notch. Keep crushing it, Ekta – you’re awesome!’

Gym Notices

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DID YOU KNOW THAT EACH SITE HAS ITS OWN MEMBERS FB GROUP? They are awesome little places to ask questions, find out information or just share funny memes or moments from the gym. If you aren’t a member but would like to be please follow this link and request access.

V1 – St Philips

V2 – St Werburghs

V3 – Brislington


DID YOU KNOW THAT EACH SITE HAS ITS OWN EMAIL ADDRESS? We have now set up and are using email addresses for each site. Please use these from now on for all your email communications. On that note please note, we appreciate the gyms are open 7 days a week but please b aware that our office hours are Monday to Friday 8am until 4pm and emails outside for this time will be answered as soon as possible on the next working day. Emails are not monitored over the weekend or outside of these hours.

V1 St Philips –

V2 St Werbs –

V3 Brislington –

Please avoid using and as any email should now be directed to the appropriate site.



Bristol is sadly known for its bike theft and sadly a V2 member has been the latest victim this weekend. Please remember your lock and make sure all bikes are locked up to secure posts or railings. If you do forget your lock please ask the coach for a secure place you can leave it for that session to make sure your bike is still there when you return to it. V2 we are in the process of working with the council to provide you will a secure place to lock your bikes but until there then are lots of railings and secure places in the car park, please don’t chance it.



Just a gentle reminder to park sensibly at all sites. During the peak classes we often struggle with spaces so please use ALL spaces available and those include those in front of the roller shutters and St Philips and Brislington and use the 4 spaces in front of the office at St Werburghs and of course if you can please leave your car at home. Walking or cycling in is a great warm up and a lovely cool down post session.

What's coming up in classes

open gym valesco functional fitness


We are already in week 9 of this block so we thought we’d give you an update of what’s happening over the next few weeks and invite you to give us some feedback.

For those of you new to us here’s how the current block looks:

  • 12 week cycle with A&B weeks – we’re changing up the structure a little to keep programming interesting, allow more variety BUT devote enough time to strength & skills to see real progress
    • Interval weight training
    • Highest pulling movement in workouts
    • Higher skill WODs at least once a week
    • More % based workouts rather than an ‘RX’ such as 60/40 that needs to be scaledAfter this week we have 3 more weeks before we moving into test week.


What is test week?

Test week is an opportunity for those of you, who want to, to test increases in strength, skill and volume in areas of your training you have been focusing on for the last 12 weeks.  But, for those of you new to us, those who don’t like testing or those who haven’t been able to train as consistently as you would have liked and so testing doesn’t hold much value for you this time around … still come in and train.  The classes will have the same format, the same opportunities to continue learning, you don’t have to max out, and the workouts will be super fun…PROMISE!

Following test week we’ll be taking a well earned reload week in which we still train but the intensity that we train at will be reduced – think lighter weights, shorter workouts, lower heart rates and more time to stretch, mobilise and generally move in a way that feels good.

Over the next few weeks we would love some feedback on the class programming over the past couple of months.

Have you enjoyed it?

What did you like the most / least?

Have you found it to be beneficial?

What would you like to see in the next block?

There is always a method in the madness of programming with specific areas of focus BUT we also love to know what you would like to see in classes.

Send your thoughts to and we’ll see what we can build into the next block for you!

Coaches Corner


This months Coaches Corner is written by Coach Camila and it’s all the importance of rest days in High-Intensity Training.


Dear Valesco Family,

As a coach, I often witness the determination each of you brings to our workouts. Your commitment to pushing your limits is truly impressive. However, I want to emphasize an equally crucial component of your training program: rest and recovery. I’m not talking about a simple break, but about a strategic part of your fitness journey.


The Importance of Rest Days

Rest days are essential for several reasons, particularly for those engaged in high-intensity training like we do.


  1. Muscle Recovery and Growth: during intense workouts, your muscles undergo micro-tears. Rest allows your body to repair these tears, leading to muscle growth and increased strength. Without adequate rest, your muscles don’t have the opportunity to rebuild, which can hinder your progress.
  2. Preventing Overtraining: continuous high-intensity training without proper rest can lead to overtraining syndrome. Symptoms include persistent fatigue, decreased performance, and increased risk of injuries. Overtraining can set you back weeks or even months on your progress.
  3. Mental Health: rest days are not just about physical recovery; they are also crucial for mental health. Taking a break helps prevent burnout, keeping your mind fresh and keeping you motivated for your next training session.
  4. Injury Prevention: constant strain on your muscles and joints without rest increases the chances of injuries. Adequate rest ensures your body can recover from the stress placed upon it, reducing the risk of strains, sprains, and other injuries.


I will give you some tips on how to improve your rest and recovery days, but remember, each one of us have different lives, with different works and routines. Some of us have children and houses to take care on top of our jobs and our goal to be fit. Don’t compare your lifestyle with anyone else, use these tips as a guide and try to adapt to your routine inside of your possibilities. One tiny thing each time is always better than nothing.


  1. Prioritize Sleep: aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night. Sleep is when your body does most of its repair work. I know, not everyone has the privilege to sleep 8 hours every night, having a calm and relaxing bedtime, some of us have babies crying at night, work hours that don’t allow us to sleep hours enough and a lot of other reasons to not sleep this number of hours. I’m talking here about baby steps, like “could you go to bed 30 minutes earlier? Could you put your phone on silent mode and stop scrolling for 15 minutes or more every night and use these extra minutes to sleep? Could you set up your room to completely dark or if not possible use a sleep mask?” These tiny changes in your bedtime are already a huge progress on your recovery. Use what works for you and stick to a consistent sleep schedule.


  1. Nutrition Matters: fuel your body with a balanced diet rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Post-workout nutrition, especially protein and carbohydrates, is vital for muscle repair and energy replenishment. Avoid crazy diet plans that ask you to eliminate a whole group of macros, especially carbs, as this nutrient have a huge role on your performance and recovery. Fuel your body in a way that gives you energy to be able to recovery and get ready for the next session.

Remember, you need to be fuelled to perform.

  1. Stay Hydrated: hydration plays a crucial role in recovery. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to help your body flush out toxins and function optimally.
  2. Active Recovery: Incorporate light activities such as walking, yoga, or stretching on rest days. These activities increase blood flow to muscles, aiding in recovery without adding additional stress. Play with your kids or your pet is included on this part of your recovery. Anything that makes you move your body lightly and feels like a recovery for your soul and mind as well.
  3. Listen to Your Body: pay attention to how you feel. If you’re experiencing excessive fatigue, soreness, or lack of motivation, it might be a sign that you need more rest. These are the first signs of overtraining, don’t neglect these signs. I know we always talk about going to the gym even with no motivation or don’t wanting to go, I totally think that sometimes we need an extra push and we always feel better when we go to the gym even on some bad days. But overtraining is different from just a lack of motivation. Always talk to someone if you start to feel that signs, you can always talk to a coach about it and we are more than happy to help you through this.
  4. Utilize Recovery Tools: consider using foam rollers, massage tools, or even professional sports massage therapy to help alleviate muscle tension and promote recovery.


Why You Should Rest and Recover?

Incorporating regular rest days and focusing on recovery is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of wisdom. By allowing your body the time it needs to recover, you will increase your performance; you will avoid overtraining, and ensure long-term success in your fitness journey. Always remember that is during rest that the real gains happen. Training breaks down your muscles and rest builds them up. I know that you think that train 7 days a week will make you become better and I know that you think that you going to be “behind” of everyone if you skip a training day to rest, but I want you to start to think about rest as part of your training program, as something that you can’t skip, because is prescribed for you. Put in your mind that rest days is an integral part of your training. Embrace rest and recovery as your allies in achieving great performance and maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind.


Train. Eat. Rest. Repeat (and do all the things you do on your busy life in between)

Your Coach,


Dates for your Diaries

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Scale it Up Four of a Kind – Sunday 30rd June

PRIDE WOD and March – Saturday 13th July

Valesco 9th Birthday – Saturday 14th September

Scale it Up Safety in Numbers – Sunday 13th October

Recipe Of The Month 


Pup corner


Hey Pup fans or should we say Frog Fans,

So this month it’s the invasion of the Frogs!! Where are these things coming from? If you are a V1 member or have been there recently you might know what we mean.
Some mischief-maker is leaving these tiny little creatures all over the gym for us to find. Its driving the coaching team wild and the accusations in the coaches whatsapp group are off the scale and the mistrust is growing by the day.

High on the coaches suspect list are Maddie and Simone.

The members suspect list includes Tristan Woolcock, Martin Tranter and Lucy Staniland.

Some of you know something and we are determined to find out who it is before the whole coaching team turns on each other for good!!

Do you know anything that can help us catch this little prankster?


Who wore it best

may wwib

Check out our Coach Will and James Mooney showing off their down to a T matching outfits. Was there a sale on we missed? Anyone else getting Son and Dad vibes?

Have you turned up looking the same as another Valesco member? Then we want to see. Send your snaps to to be in the next newsletter. We love seeing them!