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 Welcome to issue number 14 of the lockdown special!

This week Valesco Fitness Collective was born. We have a new name, a new logo, a new look newsletter but we’re still the community you know and love! We are so excited to re-open (we have everything crossed) and to start the next chapter with you all.

This week, we’ve got some info on our re-brand, everything you need to know about whey and a delish zucchini bake! If you’d like to contribute to the Newsletter…whether it be an article, something you’vie found useful or just want to let us know what you’vie been up to please do get in touch!


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Welcome to VALESCO FITNESS COLLECTIVE! Our new logo, name and brand but the same people, gym and community you know and love

We are the Valesco Fitness Collective and we are super excited about reopening under a new name and exploring the new and exciting opportunities that presents!

The same amazing people; The same unique community; The same awesome gym! 

New stash for members and the wider fitness community; A partner scheme giving discounts and benefits to members, A friend referral scheme giving something back to members for helping us grow; A podcast; A members only area on the website and more!  Here’s to the next exciting chapter!


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Launching our ‘Refer a friend’ reward scheme!

As you know, during the Covid-19 pandemic we developed an online timetable for you to enable training to continue despite the gym being closed.

It’s been so popular we’re keeping it! Not only that, when we reopen it will be included in our memberships at no extra cost so you can mix and match your training to best suit your lifestyle and requirements!

AND we’re going to grow our online timetable and community so we can give you more!

Here is how you can help us and be rewarded at the same time! Refer a friend / friends to us and if they join us as online members you will be rewarded with 50% off your next months membership on their 2nd month renewal date! Not only that, we are holding the discounted price for your friends at just £10 a week! The complete training pacakage of daily classes, yoga, nutrition support and daily HomeWODs for £10 a week!

Simply send us the email addresses of friends and family members who are interested in trying out the classes and we’ll do the rest!


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Are 5190 burpees in a day possible?
How many protein bars will they eat in a day?
Will there be tears?

So many questions, but one things for sure on Wednesday 24th June, Ellie, Leila & Amy will be showing us how it’s done!

You should have an email that details how you can join in, watch, support or heckle! Snacks and sweets will be very welcome if you’d like to feed the animals!


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To continue our exploration of supplemental protein, this week the focus will be on the most popular protein supplement: Whey.

Whey Protein

What is it?

As discussed last week, milk contains two types of protein: whey and casein. Whey protein is a mixture of proteins isolated from whey. It is actually a by-product of cheese making. Yep that’s right! Ever opened a pot of set yogurt and there is a watery liquid floating on the top? That’s whey. Various processing stages later, it becomes the powder that we all associate with this well-known supplement.

Whey protein is best-known for increasing muscle mass and strength making it incredibly popular amongst athletes, bodybuilders and fitness models. This is because it provides all of the essential amino acids and increases the release of hormones that stimulate muscle growth whilst being easily and quickly absorbed. It is much more rapidly absorbed than its sister protein casein with many studies finding it effective at increasing muscle growth when consumed right before, during or after a workout. That said, it is worth noting that it is total daily protein intake not the speed of absorption after a workout that is the most important factor in muscle growth.

‘Wheying’ up your options (apologies, I couldn’t resist the pun)

As already touched upon, whey contains the complete set of essential amino acids, its particularly high in Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) especially leucine that has been shown to be important for muscle growth and maintenance. It is also high in cysteine which can help boost levels of cellular antioxidant glutathione as well as being a source of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. In general, it is well tolerated although it will contain small quantities of lactose making it unsuitable to those with a lactose intolerance and vegans.

Whey is a relatively cheap, convenient and easily absorbed supplement which can easily be popped into your gym bag (much easier than a steak).

If whey is something you supplement with already or are considering supplementing with, always check the ingredients list first. Whey doesn’t actually taste particularly great and is most often flavoured to improve palatability. Manufacturers have taken advantage of this and it now comes in hundreds of different flavours…if its chocolate and hazelnut Frappuccino flavour you are after, you can probably get it somewhere on the market. However, in order to make it taste so good producers may add unhealthy additives, colouring or refined sugar. It’s worth always checking the label before you make a purchase and buy from a reputable company!

Different types of Whey 

Never simple is it? There are three different types, all processed slightly differently.

Concentrate: this is your well-rounded protein powder. With around 70-80% protein, it normally tastes the best and contains some lactose aka milk sugar and some fat. It is also often the cheapest.
Isolate: 90%+ protein, less lactose and fat. The increase protein with nothing else, removes some of the key beneficial nutrients found in concentrate form however, it may be better if you are having problems tolerating concentrate or are on a strict diet. Most studies have examined this form.
Hydrolysate or Hydrolysed whey: This has been pre-digested to enable faster absorption. This also means it causes a greater spike in insulin levels which could improve your muscle gains!

So, there you have it. Whey protein in a nutshell.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions or access to references. Questions can also be asked in person at the weekly Lockdown Nutrition Programme meeting.






26 ounces zucchini grated (about 2-3 medium)
2 tablespoons butter cubed
4 ounces cream cheese cubed
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
pepper to taste
2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese shredded
Grate zucchini if needed. Place in a kitchen towel and squeeze out any excess water over sink.
Place shredded zucchini in 8×8-inch or 7×11-inch baking pan.
Dot butter evenly over zucchini.
Bake at 350°F for 15 minutes, uncovered.
Stir in salt, pepper, and cream cheese until cheese has melted. Smooth top and sprinkle Parmesan evenly on top.
Bake for another 5 minutes, uncovered.
Top can be sprinkled with crushed pork rinds in place of or in addition to Parmesan cheese.

Until Next Time, Big Love Team Valesco xxx

Save The Date

Save The Date


We’ve got lots more up our sleeves to keep you guys connected and beat the boredom. Some of the things we have coming up are:

  • Book Club – Tuesdays @ 5.30pm
  • Paint your pet COMPETITION coming soon!
  • Lockdown bake-off – Weekly challenges from around the world for the Nutrition programme members
  • The ‘school science’ project challenge
  • Specialist classes – Weightlifting technique @ 5.30pm on Wednesdays,  Banded Bro sesh @ 12pm on Fridays, HSPU 4 week workshop at 8am Tuesday starting 12/05/2020
  • Bi- weekly Quiz with Johno
  • Weekly ‘Ready Steady cook’ with Charlie @ 6.30pm on Thursdays
If there’s anything else you’d like to see us host, please do get in touch!

Who Wore It Best

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This week we’ve got another throwback for you…. guess who own these matching leggings!


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Valesco goes ONLINE!

Now, more than ever, is the time to move! So we are taking Valesco online to enable our current community and anyone wanting to join us to do just that. In a fun and inclusive environment, we bring you the very best of our training methodologies and community...ONLINE!