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Lets focus on the good stuff!

Welcome to another Valesco Newsletter for your Jan round up and even though at the very start we have been placed in another lockdown the Valesco vibe is still busing and there has been plenty going on.
First and foremost we would like to say a massive thank you and farewell to Charlie Mentor aka Coach C who made the tough decision to leave the Valesco coaching team and focus on his PT work from home. Charlie may have left the coaching team but he certainly hasn’t left the Valesco family and we hope to see him training with us again once the gym is open and taking the odd class when needed and available. Thank you Charlie and all the very best to you from all of us.
Secondly we are super stoked to introduce to you our latest recruit to the coaching Team Joe Walker (featured on the cover of the newsletter and YES he carried that rower all the way to the top of Pen-Y-Fan!). Joe is a highly experienced coach and is going to be a great asset to the team and for those of you who have met him on ZOOM already you will have experienced how great he is. Massive welcome to the team Joe, pleasure to have you onboard. A full introduction to Joe and all that he brings with him in the next edition of the VFC newsletter!
Thirdly…..THE VALESCO TEAM CUP!! See more details below!!
Fourthly if you are struggling this month please see the article below from our lovely Leila and please reach out. It’s okay not to be okay.
Finally thank you for all your love, support, engagement with us through another what can seem a rough ride. We are so thankful to have you and always remember you always have all of us.
Big Team Valesco love and positive vibes xx

The Valesco Team Cup!

Valesco Team Cup

The Valesco Team Cup has commenced!

5 TEAM events, 7 teams, over 5 weeks and change to be crowned champions!
We know staying motivated by yourself is hard.We know that you all miss your training buddies and the community.And…we know how to add a little fun to some moving over the next 5 weeks!

The Valesco Team Cup is now in full swing and teams have been assembled with a coach leading teams in their bid to be crowned champs!

Points will be awarded for attending Zoom classes (including Yoga), taking part in the weekly challenges and scoring additional points for the random 2 minute challenges that will be unleashed as we see fit!
With 7 teams of 10 people in this to give it their best, work as a team and lets face it…. beat their rivals! this is hotting up to be a great competition!

Podcasts! Here to keep you informed and entertained...

As you may have notice Ellie and James have had their heads down with these and there are some fantastic listens! And, there is definitely something for everyone. Great guest appearance from Coaches Jenna and Stew and few regular ones with Coach Vikki – all come highly recommended and can be found on Spotify, Apple Music or wherever else the cool kids get their podcasts from!
A few links below to the latest episodes:
It’s okay to talk about Periods. Period – here
2020; Our reflection and habits – here
The highs and lows of Motivation – here

Farewell Charlie!


Following a recent house move, Charlie has decided to step back from coaching to focus on doing PT from his home gym in 2021.
Charlie will be sorely missed but wish him all the luck and love in his new endeavours. Charlie has been a huge part of Valesco for the past 5 years and has been a wonderful coach, team mate and friend. We cannot thank him enough for his commitment to Valesco, the energy he brought day in & day out, and for all the laughs…for there have been many!
The good news is he’s still going to come and train at the gym so you’ll all get to see him ❤️

Imagine That Coffee

trev the trailer
Imagine That cafe finally opened its shutters in September 2020 after a delayed start due to the pandemic. Since then Trev the horsebox trailer, run by Lucy (Sarah Godsell’s Daughter) and Daniel have been serving delicious coffee, cakes and nibbles to the people of Bristol from the stunning Harbourside location. So if you meeting a friend for a walk or out with the family why not stop by and say hello and give a local business some trade!
Opening Hours;
Mon & Tues – closed
Wed to Fri – 8am until 3pm
Sat & Sun – 9am until 4pm

Pup's corner

image_6483441 (4)
So is it even Valesco’s newsletter if there isn’t a picture of a Pup or two and this month is no exceptions. We would like to welcome Martha and Kenji to the Valesco Pup Clan!
Martha is the gorgeous Sprocker and belongs to the wonderful Di and Rob Pardoe.
Kenji is the adorable Goldendoodle and belongs to our Coaches Meg and Henry.
Welcome to the tribe pupsters!


This fully coached workouts are fab as a stand alone programme or an addition to your current training regime. This workouts are great of you are short on space, time and equipment but sit want to get your pump on.
These are 15 minutes fully coached pre recorded sessions that you can do anywhere at any time, whats not to love.
And with a two week FREE trial and 50% off your first month if you sign up in January with the code LOCKDOWN50 there really is no better time to jump onboard…..toot toot!!


Leila smile

This edition we hear from Leila and her ‘Tips to help with the January blues, SAD and a third lockdown!’…

As if January wasn’t depressing enough (although I do have a birthday in January) add SAD into the mix as well as a third lockdown and you end up with what for many people is a super bleak month. Dark mornings and nights. Cold and rainy days. Lack of contact with loved ones and the removal of coping mechanisms that most people come to rely on. This could be anything from going to the gym, hugging your friends and family, going out for coffee, or pottering around the shops.

You are not alone. I for one have struggled more in this 3rd Lockdown. I am a huge people person and very huggy (you may have noticed). The lack of contact with my family, friends and seeing all of your lovely faces at the gym really affects how I feel mentally.

I just wanted to share some tips to try and help you get through the next few weeks. In the hope that our normal may be just around the corner.

 1)     You’re not alone

Whether you’re feeling down in the dumps due to the COVID saga or if you do suffer with SAD. You are not alone in feeling this way. SAD actually affects 2 million people across the UK. Your low mood may not just be the winter blues but a very real and treatable seasonal affective disorder

 2)     Eat yourself Happy

Some foods can help increase your energy to help keep you going during the winter. Having a diet rich in foods such as protein, simple carbs and vitamins B12 and D, can help you combat the symptoms of SAD. Eat some tasty carbs. Depression-fighting pasta and potatoes! But remember to get lots of fruit and veg in as well

 3)     Stay Active

Our physical and mental health are closely linked. Many of us have had our coping mechanisms stripped away. Exercise is a big one for a lot of people. Despite Valesco and other gyms being closed you can still stay active and lift your mood. Wrap up warm and get out in the fresh air for a stroll. Join Leanne for a gentle yoga session. Jump in on a zoom WOD or try out what EXBAND has to offer. There are plenty of things available to do from home. Try and make moving or doing something active a habit every day

 4)     Talk to those that make you happy.

Not being able to see or hug our loved ones Is one of the toughest parts of lockdown. Pick up the phone, join in on a zoom call or just drop someone a message. Keep engaged with those that make you smile. Try and find the joy and laughter in even the gloomiest of days. Or just put on a trashy comedy and have a good old giggle. You will feel better for it.

 5)     Be aware of your thoughts.

The way we feel is linked to how we think about the situation we are in. Challenge your thinking! If you look at a situation differently does it change how you feel? Try and find positives in even the darkest situation. Every day may not be good but there is good in everyday!

 6)     Lastly and most importantly if you need help please reach out.

One of the bravest things you can do is ask for help. Talk to family or friends. Reach out to the doctor if you are really struggling. Do not underestimate how important your mental health is. Myself, Ellie and Amy are here always. Reach out to any of us if you want a chat, a gross workout or a just few words of encouragement.

Stay strong Team Valesco we will get through this… together

Lel xxx

Recipe of the month - Ellie's Cherry Bakewell flapjack oaty bake!

Sweet Cherry Pie

Until Next Time, Big Love Team Valesco xxx

Save The Date

Save The Date
Valesco doors might be physically shut but please do remember we are very much open online for all your training needs. Classes are at 7am, 12pm and 6pm Monday through to Friday and 9am Saturday and 10pm on Sunday!!
Don’t forget there is also Yoga twice a week – Sundays at 9am and Tuesdays at 6pm
With gyms in lockdown across the UK we have taken the decision to extend the deadline for ‘The Riot’ to a date yet to be confirmed.
All scores of course still stand and the new deadline date will be confirmed once gyms are back open again to give everyone the chance to complete any remaining workouts.
We do appreciate this might be disappointing for the teams that have completed all 4 workouts however given the situation we are in we thought it the fairest thing to do in the situation we all find ourselves in and appreciate your understanding and support.
If you have any questions please contact us either via the VFC Presents Social Media route or @VFC Presents
The Riot workout submission deadline – EXTENDED and date to be confirmed
Scale It Up Triple Threat – 27th June
Scale It Up Safety in Numbers – 3rd September
2021 Valesco Christmas Party – 11th December

Who Wore It Best

Ellie and Amz WWIB

You know when you’re in tune with your business partner when you show up wearing identical outfits…and we want to see yours!! Please send in your matchy-matchy outfits with partners, pets or parents and we will feature them in the next newsletter.


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Valesco goes ONLINE!

Now, more than ever, is the time to move! So we are taking Valesco online to enable our current community and anyone wanting to join us to do just that. In a fun and inclusive environment, we bring you the very best of our training methodologies and community...ONLINE!