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Is it us or is it so good to be back in the gym and in a training routine?! If you’re struggling to get back to us or don’t know where to stop, read on for some useful tips!

This month, we launched our new apparel, have added to our series of podcasts and are working to bring you even more classes. We honestly can’t thank you all enough for your support, patience and suggestions. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Coming up, we’ve got  a burrito bowl from Charlie, class updates and a beaut of a who wore it best. So grab a brew (if you haven’t tried it we recommend Yorkshire Tea’s Malty Biscuit Brew) and settle in to Septembers newsletter.


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You asked and we delivered! Even more specialist classes are heading your way!

Weightlifting: The new weightlifting class is 16:30 on Thursdays and is off peak so everyone can come along.  There are currently 12 spaces available – now bookable on Wodify.

Gymnastics:  The gymnastic classes are 30 minutes long and have 2-3 parts with the focus being on movement quality and technique.  There are 8 classes in total (5 peak and 3 off peak).

Yoga! The 10:45 class will be back at the gym as of Thursday 10th September.  There is space for 8 mats so if you have missed being in a class with Leanne get yourself booked in.  And if you still want or need to Zoom in you can still do so! Leanne cannot wait to see you all next week – be it in person or on screen! The Tuesday 18:00 and the Sunday sessions will still be by Zoom only.

Sunday Sweat:  To try and ease the congestion at the weekend and give you all the opportunity to get in and train we are adding an extra Sunday Sweat class – each class will last 45 minutes and the workouts are 30 minutes long. These classes will be at 10:30 and 11:15 every Sunday starting THIS WEEKEND 06/09/2020!

Saturday & Comp training classes are increasing to 14: Again, with providing the maximum time in classes we can, we are increasing the size of the Saturday TeamWODs and Sunday CompTraining sessions.  There will still be 4 open gym spaces during these times but please be aware the kit available to use may be limited depending on what the programme for the classes is.

Open gym – As of next week members can share open gym spaces.  We have more than enough space as per Gov guidelines for there to be 30+ people in the building so we can have more than 1 person on each open gym station.



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As many of you may have seen the Valesco Fitness Collective stash has well and truly arrived and orders have been flying in for you all to get your mitts on the latest apparel. Who knew we all love new stash??
More stash shop opening times to be released by Monday 14th September for the next round of ordering so save those pennies and be ready to see the latest threads on the dance floor soon!!
Personally we would like to give a massive shout out to our wonderful models who gave up their evenings (some twice) to model that latest stash and show our amazing community.
Massive shout out to the ever talented Mr Jamie Rhodes for being the magic behind the camera – he made even Ellie and Amy look good, pure talent.
Sit tight and wait for the Valesco Fitness Collective Apparel page to go live on Insta soon…we gonna be famous guys!!


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Struggling with where to start? Finding it hard to get back your groove, then Leila’s put together a few pointers on getting back into exercise since lockdown.
1) Give your body time to adjust –  be mindful of the fact that they’ve had months off exercising. so trying to repeat what you were doing pre-lockdown isn’t the best idea.To reduce the risk of injury, aim to perform at 50-75% of your usual intensity

2) Try not to compare yourself to anyone else –  Try not to let the anxiety of getting back into fitness overwhelm you. The first rule is: low expectations, high hopes – that way whatever you achieve is a win.  Turning up is the hard part. Second rule. Start light and just focus on moving the body. You can always add more weight. You can’t take away a muscle strain or injury.


3) Don’t forget your diet – As you work out, you will burn a different amount of calories and energy – so you need to adjust your diet to match. Many people will have reduced their calorie intake since working from home. Don’t forget to re adjust this now you are back in the gym. Your body needs fuel to recovery sufficiently,


4) Enjoy the process – Remember your why and try to enjoy your training journey. You may not be where you once were but enjoy the journey and what your body can still do. You will get there but try not to focus wholly on the end goal.



Even if you haven’t managed to take a listen, I’m sure by now most of you will have seen that we are up and running with the Valesco Podcast. We are currently 4 episodes in, have another couple ready to go and a whole load of ideas for future episodes. Our podcast is available on all sorts of platforms – Spotify, Apple Podcasts, PocketCast, Overcast, Google podcasts and anywhere else you would normally search for your podcasts – and are short audio-episodes about different topics. Think the TV-Series of the audiobook world!

We want to to thank you if you have already started listening and also if you have reached out to share a thank you or some feedback and ideas!


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If your lockdown haircut went a bit wrong, your desperate to cover those roots or you’d love a good old pamper then we’ve got you!

We’ve partnered with Benjamin, who owns BME hair salon just down the road in the Paintworks and all members can now receive a 10% discount. Just let them know you’re a member when you book!



the team


As your coaching team we want to know what you want and need from us.  Your feedback, thoughts and ideas are always welcome so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  We want to be the best we can be for you!


120g chicken breast
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp smoked paprika or chilli powder
1/2 tsp dried oregano
2 tsp chipotle paste (10g)
Salt and pepper
1 tsp olive oil
60g black beans, drained
1 baby gem, leave separated (100g)
1/2 small avocado, sliced (50g)
1 tomato, diced
30g mature cheddar, grated
20g sliced jalapenos, drained
30ml low fat soured cream
Small bunch coriander, chopped
Method: Preheat a griddle pan over a high heat. Lay the chicken between two sheets of clingfilm then bash with a rolling pin to flatten. Rub with the spices and chipotle paste, season with salt and pepper then drizzle over the oil. Lay on the griddle and cook for 3 minutes on each side then set aside to rest. Meanwhile warm the beans for a minute in the microwave. Roughly tear the lettuce into a bowl, and top with the beans, avocado, tomato, cheese and jalapeños. Slice the chicken, lay on top then drizzle over the soured cream. Scatter over the coriander and serve.
Tips: If you don’t want to buy all the spices listed above, you can cheat and buy a ready-mixed taco seasoning. Just check that it doesn’t have any added sugar.

Until Next Time, Big Love Team Valesco xxx

Save The Date

Save The Date

If you haven’t seen the Facebook event you might not know that we’ve postponed Scale It Up- Triple Threat until 1st November 2020. We cannot wait and we are very much hoping that it will be able to take place without any social distancing!

For those of you who’ve joined us recently, this is a competition for teams made up 3 same sex team members.! It is an entry level competition for beginners looking to get competition experience, have fun and maybe win some prizes along the way. If you’re new to CrossFit or competing then this is the comp for you!

The comp is comprised of 4 WOD’s with all teams doing all 4, and all team members participating in each of the workouts.

On the day we have a food vendor, clothing, supplement and snack vendors and the prize stash for the winning teams is worth over £250!

Our judges are friendy and supportive and we release the WODs the week before. A full brieing takes place on the morning of the competition so you can be sure of movement standards.

Entry is £105 per team. Spectators are welcomed at no charge. With the mezzanine you are sure to get a great view!

More info will be on facebook over the next few weeks but in te mean time, to enter this competition, or for more information, please email:

Who Wore It Best

unnamed (45)

The Ts, the shorts, the pulled down knee sleeves! Great work guys!


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Valesco goes ONLINE!

Now, more than ever, is the time to move! So we are taking Valesco online to enable our current community and anyone wanting to join us to do just that. In a fun and inclusive environment, we bring you the very best of our training methodologies and community...ONLINE!