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Hey Team and welcome to April’s newsletter and the 4th of 2022. Where does time go?

As we look back on the 4th month of the year, the first thing that springs (haha springs) to mind is the huge success that was Scale It up Triple Threat held on Sunday just gone. It was our biggest (and we would argue best) yet, with 36 team from all round the South West and Wales coming to throw down at Valesco. Thank you all of you who competed, helped, Judged, made tea or coffee, ran with sheets, did the scoring, organised athletes, moved kit about….the list goes on! These events take a huge amount of effort and we could make them happen without you guys, so again thank you. Our teams did us so proud and where fantastic ambassadors for Valesco. We are still buzzing from the event…so much so we can’t wait to do it all again for Four of a Kind in July.

This is another entry-level competitions made up of same sex teams of four, hosted at your very own Valesco. We would love to have as many home teams as possible taking part so check it out on If you can do a class you can do these competitions. They are a lot of fun and a great all round experience, Sunday 3rd July, get it in your diaries and get signed up ASAP (spaces are limited).

We will also be hosting Safety in Number in October which will be teams of 4 made up of 2 males and 2 females – entry will be released for this very soon so keep your eyes peeled!!

In other things to keep your eyes peeled for and dates for your diary Mental Health week – full details to be released this week on FB and in the standard weekly member comms but are planning lots of exciting stuff and it would be great to have as many of you coming and spending some time thinking and talking about Mental Heath as possible.

Finally we want to take this opportunity to say farewell to one of the original Team Valesco Members gorgeous George! George joined us on 08/01/2016 and has been a dedicated member ever since. He’s been a big part of the gym for the last 6.5 years and he will be sorely missed. From classes to comps, fundraisers to judging, fancy dress WODs to socials… George has been a part of it all! He’s been such a big part of the community we wanted to mark his time with us with his very own WOD. ‘George’ was built around a few of the movements George loves with his start date dictating the rep scheme which was Metcon Mayhem class on Wednesday 27th.

George’s big personality and big lifts will be remembered fondly and we hope very much he comes back to join us for socials…they wouldn’t be the same without him!

We wish you all the luck in the world with your new adventures in London, George! Never change, keep us posted on all the new music you write and don’t be a stranger!


Lots of love and positive warm vibes,

Amy, Ellie and Leila xx



Starting next week, on 5th May, a second in person yoga class will be available to Valesco members. This class will be offsite in a studio space in Westbury on Trym every Thursday at 6pm.

You can get all the details and book your spot with Leanne by dropping her a quick email at

This class is included in your membership package so there is no extra cost to you. In person spaces are limited to 5 people. If you miss out on an in person spot, the class is also zoomed and you can join from the comfort of your own space.

For all the details and to book your space, get in touch with Leanne.


Torie happy

Hey team!

We are joined today by Torie, a much-loved member and self-proclaimed non-competitive athlete.

If you know Torie, you’ll understand why we were excited to have her with us. She is here to talk about the Open and Fitness in general from the perspective of someone newer to exercise, who had no intention of competing and who has well and truly caught the bug.

This is a nice reminder to back yourself and do the things that make you a little uncomfortable sometimes… and to never miss Deadlift day.

Is well worth a listen and you can do that on Spotify here!

If you new to Valesco and indeed PODCASTS I urge you to listen to the wonderful library we have built up. Search for “Valesco Fitness Collective” on any and all of your usual music streaming sites / apps and give us a listen, they are a LOT of fun and contain some pretty useful information (disclaimer – maybe not the 101 PODCASTS, they are just a massive laugh).


Rach B wedding

Welcome to the monthly Member Shout out section where we like to celebrate some of the good things we see in the gym day in and day out.

Shout out from Coach Stew – Jade Alexander “constantly working on her weaknesses and in raining most days after doing her identical day job. Specifically impressed with her commitment to weightlifting and ROWWOD” and Steph Ewers “Despite hating running, she’s purchased some new running trainers and committed to attending runWOD weekly and on more than one occasion has surprised herself

Shout out form Coach Joe – Shout Out to DJ “He has been pretty consistent and I taught him (in about a minute as we where short on time) how to kip the ring dips in yesterdays workout and he pretty much went unbroken – super impressive”

Shout out from Coach Amy – To Kate Richardson “She has been a long term member of Valesco and the 6am crew for a number of years. Kate is super busy with work and home life but always makes her training a priority and has shown further commitment through investing in PT and now joining the ADP programme

Shout Out from Coach James to Bally Kaur – “She’s super consistent and chooses a good mix of classes to improve across the board. She is great to have in class, askes good questions and clearly has a lot on. She has kicked up into a handstand this month, which is something she has been working super hard on and was a really bid deal. Her mobility has come on leaps and bounds and seeing the depth she can now hit with a barbell over head is awesome and I hope she is proud of how far she has come!”

Shout out from Coach Ella to Shelby Pontin – ‘She has worked really hard on her mobility and has moved from using fractionals to a lovely looking squat. She is a great Craic to have in classes too!

Shout out from Coach Leila – To Rachel Nicholson. “For being super consistent and coming to every Wednesday so far this year”

A few of the coaches want to give a shout out to Matt Ogborne for being an all round nice guy and an awesome addition to Team Valesco. He is religiously every morning working on his lifts and thanks to VFC Programming making some serious progress! He has shared loads of PB’s in the last few weeks and there is plenty more in there. Matt goes out of his way for others and its often unsung. We have plenty of examples to share including helping with SIU, fixing Thea’s bike to name just two but all have the same theme, being genuinely kind and helping others.

Finally A MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS from all the coaches to Rachel Bliss and her new husband Paul who got married, in a stunning setting, on Saturday 23rd April. We all wish you the love and happiest in the world in your future together.


deload week pic


As of this week, there are now:

10 Open gym spaces 16:30 – 18:30 on Fridays and 12 Open gym spaces 08:00 – 0930 on Saturdays

The left hand side of the gym, as you walk in, can be used by people in Open gym during the above times. You MUST be finished by the end of the session to ensure you do not interfere with classes.

We will continue to review quieter classes in the gym and increase Open gym where we can.  Sunday’s Open gym will not be changing as numbers for Comp training are expected to increase significantly as of May.


Update to mezz usage: All gymnastics, Box jump (step down please), DU (though please be mindful if a coach is talking downstairs…), KB & DB, Wallballs AAAAAND…

Use of bars IS NOW permitted for; Lifts out of a rack up to 80kg – press, squat, lunge, bench. Deadlifts & RDL etc up to a max of: 80kg BUT NO DROPPING

Kit now available on the mezz: Ski Erg, Assault Bike, Rower, Boxes, DB’s, KB’s, Skipping Ropes, 1 male bar, 1 female bar + clips, 2 set of plates which totals 120kg weight, (fractionals, smaller DB’s, heavier KB’s & wallballs etc need to be taken up for your session)

Rules of engagement; Book your Mezz open gym session the same way you book it for downstairs, if you session can be done on the mezz please do it on the mezz, No lifting near failure, Drop pads to be used when lifting out of a rack JUST IN CASE, NO dropping of any kit whatsoever, leave the mezz TIDY, ANY & ALL kit you bring upstairs must be taken back down. NO OLYMPIC LIFTING please

We want to make the mezz accessible to everyone and for as much time as possible. All ADP sessions can be done on the mezz with the exception of The Olympic session so if you are on the programme please keep this in mind.

Please do your bit and stick to the rules – they aren’t there because we want to make life hard, they are there to keep you safe and ensure the floor of the mezz isn’t damaged.

We are trialing additional use of the mezz in the hope it means more of you can train when you want to. If it works, everyone benefits. We do, however, reserve the right to remove the use of bars from the mezz or members using Open gym if rules aren’t adhered to.



ARE YOU ON OUR MEMBERS ONLY FACEBOOK GROUP? It’s an awesome little place to ask questions, find out information or just share funny memes or moments from the gym. If you aren’t a member but would like to be please follow this link and request access.

Members FaceBook Group


Do you want to take part in Scale It Up but don’t know anyone to pull a team together?

Have no fear we have other people in that exact same boat.

So please let us know if you are in the same situation and we can collate teams and introduce you to each other.

We already have a male and female team wanting extra members. So don’t be shy, drop us an email and say you want in and we can sort the rest.

Fortune Favours the Brave, Be the Brave!

More information here


Gym comms and contact

We love you guys and we are always more than happy to answer any questions you have but please keep all things gym related coming through gyms social media and forms of contact.  You can message us on Instagram, Facebook or drop us an email ( and we will get back to you just as soon as we can.



This summer, the new format will see street painting from 100 artists between the 5th & 25th of May followed by the main festival taking over Greville Smyth Park from 28th to 29th May for our first ever ‘green field’ festival.

All of the usual famous Upfest Street art will be going on inside Greville Smyth Park, with live music and a whole load of different exhibitions. It’s a family friendly free weekend (not a ticketed event). Fingers crossed for sunshine and a good excuse to get out and about, see some different art work and if it takes your fancy a nice cold pint to enjoy with it and visit Tom running the Upfest bar!!

The boards and canvases previously found across a multitude of South Bristol venues will be brought together for a huge weekend-long celebration of street art in the spectacular park, the first time the space has been used for a festival, in addition to Ashton Gate Stadium, and The Tobacco Factory, the original Upfest venue. Well worth a vist.


Leo Benching

Why should you set fitness goals?


As Valesco’s longest standing gym pup, I am forever setting new goals. I will share some of mine below:


1) Losing some lockdown weight.

2) Keeping my ginger coat as silky as possible.

3) Making sure I sniff everyone at least once in a class.

4) To ensure I get at least 8 hours of sleep a day.

I would like to give you a few pointers on why you should also be setting goals.

Firstly a fitness goal is a specific training objective or physical test you set for yourself to attain within a particular time-frame.

Goal setting holds you accountable and encourages you to push through fitness barriers. Not all goals need to be fitness related. They may include goals that allow you to live a healthier life.. Which inevitably goes hand in hand with becoming fitter and stronger.

These may include:

Drink more water.

Get 8 hours sleep a night.


Stretch and mobilise for at least 15 minutes a day.

Reduce your sugar intake (more achievable now Easter has passed )


Some goals may be gym specific. These would include:

Attend x amount of classes per week.

Set achievable weight goals i.e. 1rm Back squat or shoulder press by the end of the end of the year.

10,000 steps per day.

To complete a certain distance in a particular time.


If you’re unsure of what goals you should be setting. Just ask and we can point you in the right direction.

Do remember, although goal setting helps to keep us driven. Life can often throw us a curveball. So if you fall short remember the small wins. Celebrate the journey and don’t get too caught up thinking about the end result.

Big ginger kisses and licks.

Forever wise Big Ginger D…. aka Leo.


Harley Rest-1

This months Coaches Corner is written by Coach Amy and it’s all about taking a rest.


Yep you heard me right it’s all about resting and all import rest days.


We put a quick post out about this on Instagram and it’s sparked a few very interested conversations so I wanted to take this opportunity to go into a little more details.


Headline – they are important, just as important as your training days.


We know it can be hard to take those rest days as the gym can often be a mental and physical escape from work, home and other situations, you are making gainz every sessions and riding high on the post workout endorphins and a tiny bit of FOMO might come in about missing that workout but you need to plan in and take your rest days.

Rest days allow you a mini deload (and we all know how important deloading is) in the week. Allowing those tiny tears we make in our muscle training (which help them grow) recover and get stronger meaning you will be able to do the same work with less effort next time.

Giving your body time to recover reduces the chance of injury. You know those tiny tears we mentioned? If you don’t give them time to repair they can become sprains, which means a lot more rest days than you were originally planning.

Taking rest days keeps your training motivation high, wanting to hit the next time you are back in the gym harder than ever. We all train because we enjoy it, not taking rest days can strip the fun out of training and derail your progress all together.

Rest days help your sleep and this is vitally import when you are training hard. During sleep the body releases hormones to help your muscles grow and repair. Our muscle relax during sleep, which can help release tension and aid with our old friend the DOMS, in the REM phase your brain also processes information from the day and stores it in your long term memory, meaning that complex move you are trying to master might final start to make sense!

Rest days can help support your immune system. No one wants all that hard training derailed by a nasty cold or virus so if you want to stay healthy you need to make sure you are taking a break. Studies have shown that moderate exercise reduce the risks of cold and flu but bouts of long and hard exercise, without rest days, make you more likely to fall foul of upper respiratory infections.

Rest days, easier workouts and adaption weeks (such as deload weeks), are all important parts of a training plan.

So how many rest days a week should we be taking? Sadly there is no magic formula to calculate the number of rest days to what each individual needs as it effected by a fair few elements such as fitness, genetics, intensity of workouts and how stressful your everyday life is. Listening to your body and monitoring tiredness and soreness should be your biggest guide to how many rest days you need. We would recommend at least one and ideally 2 full rest days per week.

So what should I do on my rest days? So it doesn’t mean that you are bound to the sofa with a box set and your favourite food – although that does sound pretty good to me. Rest days can be active (a long walk, gentle swim, restorative yoga class or a spin on the bike) or inactive (anything you like really – catch up with friends, read that book you have been meaning to get too, trip out with the family or friends or even baking, whatever helps you unwind!) as long as they give your body and brain a rest its all good.

Take it easy…literally,

Coach Amy x


Screenshot 2022-04-27 at 14.17.46

One Pot Salmon Roast Asparagus

Fancy bring a whole load of spring into your mid week dinners or for a great addition to your spring Roast (by removing the Salmon)? Then this dish is an all-round winner. Super healthy, super tasty ad super easy – what’s not to love?


Until Next Time, Big Love Team Valesco xxx

Save The Date

Save The Date

Mental Health Week Events – Monday 9th to Sunday 15th May. Please see Fridays FB post!

Summer Social – Outdoor Games and Picnic – Saturday 11th June

Scale It Up – 4 of a Kind – Sunday 3rd July. Registration is OPEN

Valesco is 7 years old. Birthday Party – Saturday 10th September

Scale It Up – Safety in Numbers – Sunday 9th October

Strength in Depth Finals weekend – 26th and 27th November

The Valesco Christmas Party – Saturday 10th December

Who Wore It Best

Stew and James

Well…..not exactly a who wore it best but a lockdown blast form the past from the Pamela Pumkins Quarantine workout….not seen the full video of some of the coaches?? Its well worth a watch and can be found by scrolling though the members Valesco FB page. If we get enough requests it might just make a reappearance!


Have you turned up looking the same as another Valesco member? Then we want to see. Send your snaps to to be in the next newsletter. We love seeing them!


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