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Hey Team and welcome to November’s and the 2023 round up newsletter for Valesco.

Firstly we just wanted to give a strong salute to the incredible Valesco Christmas party that took place on Friday at the stunning venue of the Radnor Rooms. Thank you to all of you who attended and made it another Valesco night to remember.

Massive Congratulations to all our winners of the member’s awards! We hope you enjoyed your goodies and are basking in the glory of your newfound titles…or retaining your crown if your name is James Iles.

Talking of Christmas parties and the festive period, this month includes a small piece in coaches corner from Coach Amy and it’s all about how to survive the next month of parties, socials, food and maybe a few cheeky sherries and how not to let it impact the gainz you have made this year.

It’s this time of the year that we all start looking back and the past year and forward to the next. This year has been an incredible year for Valesco with a 24 hour WOD (what were we thinking), 2 scale it up competitions, a good few socials, V2’s 1st Birthday and Valesco Fitness Collective turning 8.

We don’t like to be too soppy (note Amy’s speech at the Christmas party) but it is a chance to thank you all, members old and new, for the love, energy and support that each of you have shown us throughout 2023. It’s been another incredible year but it never makes us any less grateful for our incredible members. Here is to 2024, we wonder what it might hold for us all…. it’s certainly an exciting thought!

Talking of the future make sure you also check out the dates for your diary section as we have added a fair few first dates for 2024 and we would love to have you join us on as many as possible, we love seeing you guys both inside and outside of the gym. That’s what community is all about.

Wishing you and your family the Merriest of Christmases and here is to a successful 2024.

Amy, Ellie and Leila xx


Ben Est wedding

Welcome to the monthly Member Shout out section where we like to celebrate some of the good things we see in the gym day in and day out.


Shout out from Coach Thea – V1 member Yoann Nauel ‘Super friendly and encouraging to everyone in whatever class he gets stuck into and is working really hard on technique and extra accessory work.’


Shout out from Coach Leila V1 member Giorgia Mabella. ‘She shows up to every session on a Thursday and has worked really hard on her handstands. Giorgia has developed the strength and confidence to now kick up to wall by herself. Amazing job. Well done on all the hard work and perseverance.’


Shout out from Coach Amy to Andy Sheppard at V1 ‘works super hard in every class, always focusing on moving well before going heavy. Never complains and always finishes with a smile. Regularly stays behind after class to work on skills and has been absolutely flying with his gymnastic progressions lately!


Shout out from Coach James V1 member Emma Kuwertz ‘She’s someone that’s come a long way in a short space of time, specifically gymnastics and pull ups. She’s in my gymnastics class every week, works super hard, trusts the process and is making real clear and observable progress! She’ll also usually do a ‘Linda’ and roll straight from gymnastics into the 17:30 and smash that out of the park too. Always really impressed by the work ethic and lovely to have in a class!’


Shout Out from Coach Will to V1 member Hong Lau! ‘Hong is committing to weightlifting and is getting snappier every week under the bar in his snatch, it’s really wonderful to see.’


Shout out from Coach Jade to Nick Kraus from V1 – ‘Nick is a shining example of our core values. He is a strong and determined athlete who is hugely coachable and humble. He’s always ready to help his fellow athletes with their handstand walks (at which he himself excels – seriously, you should see this guy upside down!) and is simply a pleasure to have in class.’


We also wanted to take this opportunity to give some pretty big life event shouts outs.


Firstly a massive congratulations to V1 members Ben and Estelle who got married in late October. These two have been members of the gym for many years and we couldn’t be more excited to congratulate them on their wedding. Looked like a stunning day for a stunning couple. Congrats you guys.


Secondly a massive shout out and congratulations from us to V2 member Matt Cotton on welcoming his second child Bonnie into the world last week. We are so pleased to hear of her safe arrival and hope the family are all doing fantastically. What a wonderful Christmas Present!



Wondering when to rest up and when to return to fitness?


When returning to sport post cold/ flu/ COVID, you need to allow your body time to recover.


As a general rule of thumb, if you are fairly low level symptomatic or have symptoms “above the neck” you will generally (not guaranteed) recover quicker. Always wait for below the neck symptoms, e.g. chesty cough, to settle.


There are frameworks that you can follow to return to sport, but let’s keep it simple….if you are unwell, allow your body time to recover, hydrate and fuel it well and sleep!


When you feel better, don’t go straight back into the same level of intensity as before illness. Reintroduce at around 70% normal effort if you can, reduce weights and increase slowly and allow extra rest days if needed. Listen to how you are feeling…are you going to be able to put 100% effort in?


This is not general medical advice and if you feel you may have a chest infection or other related infections to colds/ flu, speak to your GP or pharmacist.


Gym Picture Dec



DID YOU KNOW THAT EACH SITE HAS ITS OWN MEMBERS FB GROUP? They are awesome little places to ask questions, find out information or just share funny memes or moments from the gym. If you aren’t a member but would like to be please follow this link and request access.


V1 – St Philips

V2 – St Werburghs


Class Reservations and block booking… 

Its great that so many of you want to come and train and we love to see busy classes, however late cancellation and no shows aren’t cool and we would like it to stop.

Please only book the class or Open Gym slot you genuinely know that you are going to attend rather than reserving a space just in case you might. Very few classes are actually fully utilised when it comes to the start of the class but we have several waitlists per week. If everyone only booked the class then KNOW they are going to attend we are confident waitlists would be a thing of the past.

This is an issue we are facing this issue at both sites and we need a behaviour change before we are forced to take further action by either increasing fines or restricting the booking availability to the day of the class.

We are also keeping an eye on member data including where people are block booking and cancelling (even within the cancellation period) and those late cancelling and no showing. So please help us help you all by only booking the classes (and Open Gym slots) that you know you WILL be attending


If you’re ill please stay at home.

We come to you with a small request this winter… if you’re sick please stay at home.

We know that training means all sorts of things for all of you & for some the want to train doesn’t change even when you’re not very well. However, we ask you to consider your classmates & your coaches before you come in to train if you are unwell.

For your classmates the risk of them picking up your germs is higher because whilst high intensity exercise improves your overall health & immune system, it temporarily reduces the immune system making it easier to pick up colds etc in the short window immediately after exercise.

As your coaches we know how important the gym is to you but we are few in number so if we get sick we either have to struggle through & risk passing our germs back to you or the rest of the team have to help pick up the hours which isn’t always easy. If we aren’t very well we don’t necessarily have a choice but to come to the gym…but you do.

Help us not keep spreading the winter cold around, or any other bugs, and stay at home until you’re germ free please


Parking Wars

Parking at both sites is in demand at certain times of the day so please do your best to park sensibly and leave your car at home as much as possible. If there isn’t space directly outside either unit before 5.30pm please consider parking a bit further away and walking in. Around V1 there are lots of one-hour stay bays just up the road and by V2 there is plenty of off road parking before the entrance of the trading estate just around the road (think along the 400m run route). It’s all extra steps and movement.

Please only use our side of the car park at V2 between 7am and 5.30pm as the unit opposite needs the spaces (now they have been fined for parking on the pavement and double yellows on the road of the trading estate.

VFC Vouchers on sale now for Christmas!

Eddie and Leo Christmas

Are your friends and family always asking you what to get and you can’t bear the thought of another naff present? Why not ask them for vouchers towards your favourite thing…training with us?

Or are you always trying to get them into fitness with you? We can create vouchers to suit any occasion and with an intro course AND 30 days unlimited access, for £49 we can’t think of a better present to take into 2024.


Email if you would like more information.




As we come to the end of the last block of programming for the year we want to thank you all for your trust in us and the process and for fully embracing all that was given to you! We have LOVED coaching this last block – to see so many of you getting stronger than you thought possible; learning to be upside down and walk on your hands; learning that Zone 2 training has a place in what we do and that you don’t always have to give 100%; and just having fun with some new movements! Coaching you all has been a pleasure!


Last week was test week…if you wanted it to be and was so great to see some of you really maxing out and smashing those old PB’s right out of the park.  This was an opportunity for those of you, who wanted to, to test increases in strength, skill and volume in areas of your training you have been focusing on for the last 12 weeks.


So now what? Well, as with all our blocks of programming, there will be a deload week to give our bodies a well earned week of active recovery this week. Following that there will be 2 weeks, over the Christmas period, where we’re going to go a little off piste, not follow quite such a structured programme and have some fun with some Hero WOD’s, partner workouts and a few skills we haven’t visited for a while.  AND, of course, the annual ’12 Days of Christmas’ workout on the 16th December! If any of you have any requests for the 2 weeks ‘off piste’ GET THEM IN QUICK!


And theeeeeeeen….with the new year we will start a new block.  Different strength exercises, different skills and workouts with a focus of gearing up to the CrossFit Open that starts at the very end of February! A couple of workouts, each week, will be incorporated to familiarise you with the format & intensity of the Open workouts so that when the time comes you feel ready! And, if you don’t yet know what the Open is, don’t worry… you soon will (and it’s optional so there is nothing to fear).


We will be open for the vast majority of the time over the Christmas and New Year period so there will be plenty of opportunity to continue training and keep momentum going through the festive season… if that is your thing!


The only changes to the timetable are as follows:


23rd – Normal Saturday hours

24th – 9-11am

25th – Closed

26th – Closed

27th – 31st – Normal hours

1st – Closed

2nd – Back to regular weekly timetable


Thank you for the past 12 weeks – we hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as we have!



Hey Pup fans,


With new coaches always come new pups and this month is no exception and its Gino’s turn to give us the run down on him. Take it away Simone, we can’t wait to hear all about the loveable pup that is Gino…..


Name: Gino Bellofatto

Age: 2

Breed: Jack Russell


About Gino: Gino’s energy level is off the charts – if there’s a ball or a squeaky toy involved, he’s in!

Now, let’s talk about Gino’s foxy obsession. Mention the word “fox”, and he turns into a security guard, patrolling the windows and doing laps around the house. It’s like he’s on a mission to protect us from the foxes!

Cuddles? Oh, Gino’s got that covered too. He’s a fluffy ball of love, but beware, he can be quite the protector. It’s his way of showing he cares.


Likes: The park is Gino’s kingdom. He’s the speed demon, ruling the fields with his four-legged friends. Water, though? Not his cup of tea. He’d rather stick to dry adventures and keep his paws squeaky clean.

Gino also likes to watch TV, his favorite movie is The Secret Lice of Pets (of course!)


Fun fact: And then there’s Gino’s unique way of expressing his opinions. If he’s not a fan, watch out – you might end up with an unexpected surprise! Yep, he’s peed on a couple of folks who didn’t make it into his good books. Oops!



This months Coaches Corner is written by Coach Amy and it’s all about surviving the Festive period

So it is that time of year again…when everyone wants to ‘do drinks’ or celebrate – better known as the festive period, and this week is apparently the busiest week of the period for festive gathering and socialising so I thought it would be well times to roll out my survival tactics to get through the next month.


Personally, I am fully booked well into the NY, and whilst I do enjoy going out and catching up with friends from both inside and outside the gym it can feel like your training takes a bit of a hit.


You probably feel that you have worked hard on your fitness and strength over the last year and understandably, you don’t want it all to go to shit within a month. We have all been there – had a bit of time off, come back to the gym and thought “What have I done?“ “Why does it hurt so much?”


This is completely natural, trust me when I say you won’t feel alone in this feeling.


So, how do you train around this?

  1. Give yourself a break. Everyone deserves a bit of down time. A few nights out will not demolish all your hard work.
  2. Be realistic. If you are going out with your Christmas jumper on, with the intention of enjoying yourself, having a few drinks and / or a late night, don’t book the 6am class the following day. You will unnecessarily make yourself feel bad for cancelling (plus incur the £5 fine).
  3. Get an extra session or move your training round to fit your plans. If you have a night out planned, get an extra session in the day of, or the day before. Move your raining round to mean that you can enjoy a rest day the day after and not feel bad about it.
  4. Rest and rehydrate. Give yourself a day to recover and come back to training hydrated and rested.
  5. Don’t be so hard on yourself. If your best made plans don’t work, who cares? Nothing happens in January, so you can catch up then.

Give yourself a massive pat on the back for all of the hard work you’ve put in this year. Think how far you’ve come. Be kind to yourself, and enjoy some downtime!


Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 10.49.19

Prawn Fried Rice


With the all the rice and festive food coming in thick and fast this month we thought we would include this delicious, fast to make veggie filled Prawn Fried Rice.


Make this easy Asian-inspired dish in just 30 minutes. It’s healthy and low in calories but big on flavour, making it perfect for a speedy family supper or saving for lunch the following day.


Until Next Time, Big Love Team Valesco xxx

Save The Date

Save The Date

Members Social (Full details TBC but don’t worry it will be indoors) – Saturday 20th January


Strength In Depth Finals weekend – Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th February


Scale It Up Triple Threat – Sunday 28th April


Valesco Spring Social Dog Walk – Saturday 18th May


Scale it Up Four of a Kind – Sunday 23rd June


PRIDE WOD and March – Saturday 13th July


Valesco 9th Birthday – Saturday 14th September

Who Wore It Best

WWIB November 23

Check out this month ‘Who Wore It Best’ from Linda and Ella at V1, who look super snazzy and stylish head to top in black with matching leggings to boot!


Have you turned up looking the same as another Valesco member? Then we want to see. Send your snaps to to be in the next newsletter. We love seeing them!