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Valesco’s Monthly Round-up

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2020!

It feels like we’ve had a whole year of January, but payday is here and we’re off to a cracking start!

This January has been our busiest yet and we absolutely love seeing so many of you enjoying training. The atmosphere is always buzzing, and we’ve really enjoyed all the classes.

If you haven’t spotted it, we’ve added some extra classes to the timetable. We’ve also launched the first of our comps for 2020 (read on for details) and have so much more planned for the rest of the year!

For now, grab a green tea and enjoy this month’s edition of the Valesco monthly round-up.

Australia WOD

australia wod 2020

We can’t thank everyone enough for coming together to support to the Australia Day WOD and donations raised so far! Over £1000 and donations are still coming in!

Coach Johno created an amazing  WOD and to all of you who turned up and donated THANK YOU. There’s still time to donate here and Andrew is rowing a cal for every pound earned so there is still time to get something in if you’ve missed out.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! Team Valesco you are incredible

Art for a good cause...

Art for a good cause

The fabulous Sophie Long is also raising money for Australian wildlife.

She painted this piece in the hope to raise some funds for the affected wildlife in Australia. The plan was to paint a koala and send 75% of the total proceeds to “Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors” bushfire appeal. A few hundred quid can go a long way and help a lot of animals.. she was then asked if she would be selling prints.. at the time she thought this was impossible and was about to write the idea off due to this piece needing to be hung in my exhibition the next day.. but the power of Facebook and the generosity of a wonderful lady Katy Bear Smith (a Technical Instructor at UWE Bower Ashton) this was about to happen.

There is now a possibility that she can send over SEVEN GRAND to the bushfire appeal.. £7k can help so many animals.. give some completely devastated species a chance of survival.

75% of the Original painting (SOLD) and 75% of the profits of the prints will go directly to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors. This was set up by Steve Irwin and his family, and they do some simply amazing stuff.

Here is what you can do…
• SOLD – Buy the original piece at £500, solely donating £375 to the bushfire appeal.
• Buy a print and support this great cause.
• If you are unable to do either of the above, then please simply SHARE THIS to help spread the word and help me reach the higher end of the donations possible..

'Scale It Up - Triple Threat' is back for 2020!

scale it up_triple threat

This is a competition for teams made up 3 same sex team members.! It is an entry level competition for beginners looking to get competition experience, have fun and maybe win some prizes along the way. If you’re new to CrossFit or competing then this is the comp for you!

The comp is comprised of 4 WOD’s with all teams doing all 4, and all team members participating in each of the workouts.

On the day we have a food vendor, clothing, supplement and snack vendors and the prize stash for the winning teams is worth over £250!

Our judges are friendy and supportive and we release the WODs the week before. A full brieing takes place on the morning of the competition so you can be sure of movement standards.

It takes place on Sunday 5tth April. Entry price is £90 per team and spectators are welcomed at no charge. With the mezzanine you are sure to get a great view!

More info will be on facebook over the next week but in te mean time, to enter this competition, or for more information, please email:

Meet the team- Founder & Coach Ellie

ellie 2

Hey! Im Ellie and I am a co-founder and coach at Valesco. I have been coaching and developing people for most of my adult life in one way or another and in 2015 my passion for coaching and a love of CrossFit collided when we opened our doors. I haven’t always been a fan of fitness but finding CrossFit in 2012, thanks to my brother, my whole outlook changed. CrossFit gave me so much more than a way of keeping fit. It gave me a goal and reason to go to the gym that reached far beyond what I saw in the mirror and ticking that ‘i should go to the gym today’ box! It showed me fitness comes in all shapes and sizes, that learning new things is fun and that challenging myself was something to be embraced not feared.

Working with people and showing them what they are capable of achieving, even when they don’t think it possible, is something I am hugely passionate about and feel incredibly lucky to be in a position to do. There is no better or more rewarding feeling seeing someone go from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’, both in the gym and when that new found confidence reaches beyond the walls of the gym.

The thing about CrossFit is it isn’t just about lifting weights and running around. Its about investing time in yourself, valuing your health and most importantly its about about community. And, I feel humbled by the amazing community we have at Valesco and watching it grow fills me with joy! How lucky I am to be surrounded by such joy.

I have been coaching CrossFit since 2014, I am a Level 2 CrossFit Trainer and I hold my British Weightlifting Club Coach Qualification.

When I am not coaching or training I can mostly be found baking, with my head buried in a good book or trying out one of the many great restaurants in Bristol with friends. People and food are my 2 greatest passions in life so combining the 2 is something I love to do!

”We are all a product of the past and present. We are the ones who will shape the future; our legacy is in our hands”.

Meet the team- Founder & Coach Leila

leila 20

Hey, I’m Leila and a co-founder and coach at Valesco. As far as I can remember I have always been interested in exercise and have played a whole host of team sports…hockey, football, rugby as well as tennis, squash and athletics.

Having played premiership rugby and county level rugby for 8 years my sporting career hit a pinnacle when I represented wales in the 2013 rugby six nations. A lifelong dream realised but also cut short through injury. At a loss with what to do next, feeling broken and frustrated I tried my hand at Crossfit, looking for something I could still push myself at, compete in and be part of a team, I have never looked back. The fantastic community feeling and the drive to become better as an athlete and human being make crossfit for me one of the most addictive, fulfilling and wonderful things you can possibly do.

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to share my passion and knowledge of a life of sport and
conditioning with all our wonderful members. Lifting people up and making them realise their goals and potential is the most rewarding experience as a coach.

When im not coaching I can mostly be found chasing after my ginger ninja dog Leo who more often than not has something sweaty that he’s not supposed to have…..wrist wraps ,knee sleeves, t shirts in his mouth! He’s a big part of the team and loves meeting all the members.

Fav Food – undoubtedly my daily breakfast – kilo of porridge and lots of honey
Fav movement – anything that makes you feel sick. Rowing/thrusters/burpees
Most disliked movement – Overhead squats

Knowledge Bombs

knowledge bombs

Knowledge bombs are back for 2020. These are podcasts, videos, books or articles that we’ve been finding really handy. If there’s anything you’d like to share plesse do get in touch.

This month we have 2 for you! The first is a video which has been really helping us nail double unders. Click here to take a look.

The second, is a really helpful video if you struggle to ‘get your chest up’ when squatting, Take a look here and let us know if it helps.


Charlie's Corner - Being kind to yourself, and the power of acceptance (RE-FEATURE)

I hope this finds you in a good place, and if it dosnt well I’m sorry to hear that. And I want you to know I will 100 percent always make a little time for any of you if you ever wana chat anything over in private. Just try me, I’m older and wiser than I look and that’s largely down to CrossFit maintaining my youthful looks.

So today I wana chat to you about seizing and making the most of your time, at the box and beyond.
Next time you do a session try and focus on how best you can focus on technique over your final score or wieght, the more you do this the more it will become a part of you and believe me this will stand you in good stead.

Secondly always try and be kind to all others around you even if it’s in the smallest way possible like giving a high five and saying good job you kiiled it to someone after the WOD, or cheering someone on after you have finished, or helping someone put their kit away. This tiny effort from you will not only make you feel great but could mean a great deal to them especially if they are struggling with something outside of the Box. We all do sometimes!!.

Do what makes you happy and do it now!!!! Book that holiday, pick up the phone and call who ever it is you have been putting off. Try that thing you’ve been nervous too. Book that course be kind to yourself for one day, all day.
Try and do one selfless thing everyday day and don’t tell anyone about it for one week.

I think for me the most important thing to remember is to be yourself no matter what. And don’t let anyone change you or worry about what poeple think of you, this part I know is hard but with practice it gets easier. If people don’t like you for you, then that’s their beef not yours.

Love and laughter to you all. Big Coach C xx

January's recipe of the month

jan recipe

Comforting, nutritious and warming, this chicken noodle soup is ideal for grey winter days.

Click here for the recipe and give it a go, upload a pic and tag us in it!


Until Next Time, Big Love Team Valesco xxx

Save The Date

Save The Date

Save these dates for 2020…!

Sunday 5th April – Scale It Up- Triple Threat
Friday 15th May- May Social
Sunday July 5th- Scale It Up- Strength In Numbers
Saturday 19th September- 5th Birthday Party
Saturday 12th December- Christmas Celebrations

Who Wore It Best

WWIB Jan 2020

Continuing with the Ozzy theme, here’s Charlie and Clarissa styling out their tees! Great first one for 2020 keep ’em coming!


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