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2021…No January blues here!

Anyone else breath a sigh of relief as we left 2020 behind? Us too! And, though there will be more challenges to overcome, a few curve balls to dodge and another rollercoaster or 2 to ride, we are entering 2021 with renewed hope for life returning to some sort of normal as we move through the year. AND we have no doubt that with the community who got us through 2020, we can handle anything 2021 throws at us. Without our amazing members we wouldn’t be here – their support has meant literally everything to us and if 2020 taught us anything, it is that what really matters are the PEOPLE you have in your life. With love, support and human kindness anything is possible. We will be forever grateful to the ‘class of 2020’ who got us and their community through the toughest of times.
We hope to carry through the lessons we learned in 2020, we plan to keep building the amazing community we have and we promise to support our members every step of the journey in 2021.
Come at us 2021, we’re ready ❤️

Set your intentions


Whether New Years resolutions are your thing or you love a January challenge the important thing is to set your intentions if you have goals you want to achieve.  Figure what you want to achieve, understand why you want it, work out where in your list of priorities it sits and figure out how to get there and enjoy the journey.

Learning new skills, moving more weight or achieving desired body composition all feel great! SO GREAT! There is no better feeling than working for something and knowing that you got it through your own hard work!

Hitting goals take time, patience, energy and commitment. So, if you’re going to get after some big goals this year, and we will back you every step of the way if you do, then plan the process and make sure you enjoy it.  Lots of small actions add up to big results.  So if you want to hit some PR’s, build some mass, lose some body fat or learn a new skill, make sure your small, daily, actions are the right ones.  We all want to think that an hour in the gym of hard effort is enough but the truth is its all the stuff you do outside the gym is just as, if not more, important.

January can be tough for all sorts of reasons and this year is certainly no exception but having goals and having something within our control to achieve is a powerful tool to combat the blues.  So, whatever your goals try creating some good, daily habits:

  • Drink more water
  • Sleep 1 more hour a night than you do now
  • Get 30 minutes of fresh air a day
  • Stretch – mobility is more important than you want it to be ;)
  • Put your phone down an hour before bed or, at the least, get some blue light glasses

If you want to have a chat with one of the coaches about your goals we would love to hear about them so make sure you let us know!



We are excited to tell you all about our latest venture which some of you may have seen us plugging….EXBAND has entered the chat. We love resistance bands, we love a pump and we love focusing on getting our bodies into the best shape possible and if you do to you REALLY need to get onboard with EXBAND.
These are 15 minutes fully coached pre recorded sessions that you can do anywhere at any time and are a great supplement to your training here or as a standalone programme.
And with a two week FREE trial and only £7.99 per month after that…what’s not to love?? Follow us on Facebook, Insta or check out the website.  If you find and follow the Insta account there will be free workouts you can ‘try before you buy’! Want to get after building some muscle?  What are you waiting for?!

Pups corner


Take it from Leo, January is all about being good to yourself! And if being good to yourself means napping (a lot), staying warm and cosy, and finishing off the festive treats…then do it! Don’t judge yourself for wanting to hide under a duvet or for nibbling on cheese after dinner – Leo doesn’t judge himself. Be more Leo.





January can be a tough month! Festive fun is over, its cold and wet, it gets dark early and doesn’t get light until 8am, we feel pressure to do the ‘new year, new me’ thing and on top of all of that, this year we are likely to be on a tier rollercoaster which may mean we fluctuate between being able to run classes to being closed.  BUT we don’t want to focus on the ‘bad’….we want to feel good, be kind to ourselves and add nourishment.  Short days are an excuse to spend more time in bed…WIN! ‘New year, new me’ can be whatever you want it to be and if that means NOT trying to lose weight in January for the first time in 10 years then more power to you…WIN.  Lot’s of us didn’t get to celebrate Christmas with people dear to us so we still have that fun to come…WIN!  You get it?  We might have to close again at some point in the near future and we DO NOT WANT TO but if we do we know we all have each other to get us through…WIN.

January blues be gone! We don’t want you here.  We are going to enjoy the extra cozy time in bed, enjoy nourishing food,  relish in time spent at the gym with our friends, train for the love of moving and heck, if we want to set some goals and get after them then that is exactly what we should do.

January’s number 1 goal is to be kind to ourselves xx


Spicy vegetable coconut stew


With this months theme of looking at the good stuff we can add to our lives, rather than depriving ourselves of things we think we ‘shouldn’t’ have, this vegetable stew is a great way to pack in a rainbow of veggies in just one meal and a ton of nutrients to you day! Add a protein source if you like, or eat it on its own…it is DELICIOUS and when its made of so many veg it would be bad not to go back for 2nds!


Until Next Time, Big Love Team Valesco xxx

Save The Date

Save The Date
The Riot workout submission deadline – MOVED TO 31/01/2021!
Scale It Up Triple Threat – 27th June
Scale It Up Safety in Numbers – 3rd September
2021 Valesco Christmas Party – 11th December (GET THIS IN YOUR DIARY)

Who Wore It Best


Since its only the 3rd of January we thought we could just about get away with squeezing in a festive ‘who wore it best’!  Was it the gingers in Christmas jumpers, Ellie & Amy in their elf outfits, Kath in her cute reindeer number or the boys in their funny festive jumpers?! We can’t decide….can you?!


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Valesco goes ONLINE!

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