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WODify is Valesco’s athlete performance tracking system. It’s accessible inside the box and from any internet connected device, it also has a pretty smart app that we recommend you download to your mobile. Just search WODify in your app store and choose the app with the black background.

What is it and how do I get access?

Wodify is Valesco’s athlete performance tracking system. It’s accessible inside the box and from any internet connected device, it also has a pretty smart app that we recommend you download to your mobile. Just search WODify in your app store and choose the app with the black background.

Your access will be set up for you before you start your Intro Course and you will receive an email inviting you to WODify. If this has not happened before the start of your course, first check your junk mail (it likes to hide in there sometimes) but if it’s still not there please contact and we can look into it for you.


Don’t worry if it all looks a bit odd to start with, during the course you coach will go through all the functions with you and help you with any questions you may have in using it.


For a point of reference we have included all the functions and everything you might need to know within the following articles and this short Intro to Wodify  should cover all questions you have. If not please reach out to a member of the team who will only be too happy to help.

Getting Started and the basic functions

WODify basic Functions

Welcome to WODify – our Client and gym management Software. We think it’s pretty neat and we hope you will too. The aim of the below information is to help you get up and running, show you some of its nifty little features to really make the most of this awesome tool.


Step One:

Follow the link, login and change your password (under settings on the Drop Down Menu on the right) to something memorable to you and then electronically sign your waiver. All fields in the waiver need to have data input to allow you to progress through the form so if there is a blank field you must add information to it.


Whilst you are here take a look round and ADD IN YOUR CARD DETAILS. This is super important as you will be unable to book into any classes until these are stored. The path for adding card details is via the drop down menu on the right – Settings > Payment Info > Add Payment Method.


You will need to ensure the address we have stored matches the registered address or it will not accept the card. No payment will be taken until the pre-agreed date – please check with us if you would like clarification of this.

Step Two:

Learn the functions. Everything is accessed by the Drop Down Menu on the Right hand side and here we have highlighted the most important ones;


  • Today’s WOD – Here is where you will see the WOD (Workout of the Day) which is released every Sunday so you can see the week’s programming – NO cherry picking!
  • Class Schedule – This is where you will need to book into the class you would like to attend by clicking the Red reserve button. If no spaces are available for your desired session you can either jump onto the Waitlist (again a Red button) or select to attend another class. Use the date buttons at the top (again in Red) to scroll through the days. If you cannot see the class you need to change the Grey drop down box at the top and select ‘All Programmes’. This will show everything we have to offer on that day – just be careful not to book Open Gym instead of a FFC sessions and visa versa
  • Add Results – this is where you add your results. If you book into a class and then ‘Sign In’  you will automatically be sent to this page but if you are working in Open Gym or have other scores you would like to add here is where you do it.
  • Whiteboard – here is where you can check out the scores of the day. Use the buttons to select Gender or element of the workout you are interested in.
  • Settings – as you would imagine here is everything you need to make the application personal to you. Change your password, add a profile picture (highly encouraged), sign your electronic waiver and add those all-important payment details.

WODify Rules

WODify Schedule

To ensure all of our members can get the most out of their membership we have a few simple rules in place that we would like to share with you.


  • Signing In – as soon as you enter the gym please click the ‘sign in’ button on your phone (under Class Schedule where you reserved a space) or ask the coach to do it on the computer at the front of the gym for you. It is your responsibility to ensure you are booked into any classes and open gym on arrival at the gym – the easiest way to do this is on your mobile phone app when you arrive rather than waiting until the class has started.
  • Late Cancellations and No Shows – There is a £5 fine in place for any cancellations or no shows. This is to prevent people reserving a space in classes and then not turning up or not allowing enough time for someone to fill the space. Cancellations MUST be made an hour and 1 minute before the start of the class for the fine to be avoided, the only exception to this is for the 6am & 7am classes & 6am & 7am Open Gym when you must cancel 10 hours and 1 minute before the start of the class. If you for any reason cannot make the class and need to cancel within the penalty times please post on the FaceBook Members Group or send a message via FaceBook or to the following inbox
  • Waitlist – if you are on the waitlist for a class and a space becomes available everyone on the waitlist will receive an email and then the first person to WODify can secure the place. The booking is on a first come first served basis and you WILL NOT be automatically enrolled if a space comes available on the session you are on the waitlist for.


Thanks so much for taking the time to read through this and completing your registration. If you have any questions, issues, or concerns check out the Knowledge Base, email or talk to one of the coaches next time you are at the gym.

How to get the best out of WODify

WODify Results

WODify is there for you to use and not only is it a great way for you to reserve and plan your weekly sessions, it’s also a great tool to record everything you do in the gym. The more data you put into WODify the more information it will be able to provide you with. We suggest tracking all your scores in WODify and then you can track just how much you are improving, session by session.


Being able to look back and see what you have done in previous sessions makes sure that you are training smart and helps you understand what weight you should be looking to use for each movement, once your technique is on point, of course.


WODify has loads of nifty functions that really can help to support your training but it is only as good as the data that is put into it, so use it and use it well.