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Here at Valesco we offer a lot not just your standard Functional Fitness Classes (FFC) but loads of other classes to focus in on the different elements we use to become fully rounded athletes, and yes we mean you guys!

In the below we go through what you can expect in a class, what each class is and what classes are suitable for who.

Class Programming

class 1
The beauty of what we do is that every day is different, now that doesn’t mean we wake up in the morning and think….’I wonder what the members would like to do today?’. We programme classes in 8 week blocks with specific focuses in mind but every single FFC (Functional Fitness Class) with us is different every day, that way it keeps both your mind interested and your body guessing. This not only keeps you interested but also gets the best results from the time you have to workout.
Have you ever been to a class at the gym and every week it’s the same? You feel like you could be teaching it after 4 weeks….yeah, well that’s not us! But you don’t want it to be so random you aren’t getting time to get better at certain stuff, so here is how we work.
Each 8 weeks we set the structure for the week so for example it might look like this;
Monday – Legs focussing on Squats
Tuesday – Upper Body focussing on a pressing movement i.e. Strict Press
Wednesday – Cardio focussed using a mix of Ergs (rowing, machines, ski Erg and assault bikes (yep, they are as horrid as they sound!))
Thursday – Functional Isolated Movement
Friday – Legs focussing on hamstrings and Deadlifts
For the weekends please see below.
Each class has a very clear structure as follows;
Warm Up – this will be specific to the movement and body part we are focussing on that day. It’s no good warming up with 50 Press Ups if we are doing squats that day! A warm up needs to be relevant to what you are going to ask your body to do in the session.
The warm ups are designed to raise your core temperature, warm up your muscles, practice the correct movement pattern and get your body and mind ready for the class.
Skill or Strength Element – As discussed above this rotates on an 8 week cycle, so depending on what cycle we are on and what the focus of the class is this will be your strength / skill element so this could be anything from Squats, Deadlift, Push Press, Pull Ups, Double Unders or about a hundred other things. See….constantly varied but not completely random,
The WOD (Workout Of the Day), Metcon, Sweaty Bit – whatever you want to call it. This is where the intensity comes in. It’s a whole lot of fun and the buzz you get at the end is insane! The time domain we work across in this element can vary, again depending on the focus of the 8 week cycle, and can be various workout structures as detailed below
AMRAP – As Many Rounds or Reps As Possible. So for this workout you would have a set amount of time to complete as many rounds or reps as possible for the movement set that day. A classic example of this would be say 20 minutes to complete as many rounds or reps of 5 Pull Ups, 10 Press Ups and 15 Squats.
FT – For Time. In this style of workout you would have a set amount of time to complete it as your ‘score’ would be the time it took you to complete the work set. An example of this would be 1000m Row, 50 Thrusters and 30 Burpees.
EMOM – Every Minute On the Minute for a set amount of time. Here you would start the work on the top of the minute and once the set work is completed you would get to rest for the remainder of that minute. Here is an example below
12 minute EMOM (so 3 rounds of 4 movements)
1) 12 Wallballs
2) 200m Run
3) 20 Sit Ups
4) 12 Down Ups
These are the main 3 that we use but of course there are others. All of this is explained to you in the intro course and of course your coach is always on hand to explain anything that doesn’t make sense just yet.

Speciality Classes

weightlifting class
Our main classes are Functional Fitness Classes (FFC) but we appreciate we pack a lot into them and there may be times you want to focus on a certain element of your training and that’s where our speciality classes come in.
Gymnastic – In the classes we look to cover the basic gymnastics that we also include in our classes – Pull Ups, Toes to Bar (TTB) and Handstand Push Ups (HSPU’s). We programme these sessions in 6 to 8 weeks blocks but you can join at any time to get some practice in. These sessions are 30 minutes in length as gymnastics is hard and it’s better to have more regular shorter focussed times.
RunWOD – want to get better at running? Then we highly recommend these classes. They take place on the path at the back of the gym, regardless of weather and are coached by our running expert Stew. Great for developing both speed and stamina.
Barbell – These classes focus on everything weightlifting and are again programmed in 8 week cycles, enabling you to spend a good few weeks focusing on one lift, rather than trying to master them all at once. If you haven’t ever touched a barbell apart from in your intro these classes ARE for you. Weightlifting is not only great fun it has so many health benefits not to mention confidence boosting.
Saturday Team WOD means coaches choice, anything goes but you work with another person. A great way to get to know people and a LOT of fun.
Sunday Sweat. Very much like Wednesday, just a shorter 45 minute session to get a sweat on during a Sunday Morning.
Comp Training – this is for our experienced athletes would want to compete and minimum movement standards apply to get involved – but don’t worry they all started somewhere once to and if this is something you would like to attend once the basics are nailed down then please speak to Ellie, Amy or Leila about them.

What classes are suitable for me?

class wipeout
All classes are suitable for you (aside from Comp Training at this stage). If you feel like you are no good at gymnastics – go to the gymnastic classes. If you feel like your weightlifting technique could improve – go to the Barbell Classes. If you hate running but want to be better – go to RunWOD. If cardio makes you want to hurl – go to the erg madness and Sunday Sweat Classes.
Every class is designed for all of you. So get involved and make the most of everything we have to offer. You never know, you might end up liking something you thought you hated!