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There is a lot to take in when your first get started but we are here to support you every step of the way, remember we were all new at this once.

Below we have added some common FAQ’s but if your question is not answered here please reach out to or grab any of the coaches on duty the next time you are in the gym and a class isn’t in full swing.

How often should I train?

This largely depends on you, your fitness experience, your lifestyle and your own body. The most important thing is that you listen to your body and rest when it tells you to rest.
Our recommendation would be to start with two or three sessions per week and build up from there to maybe every other day over the first few months. Once you are happy that your body can cope with every other day you may want to start increasing your session frequency to two day on and 1 day off. We would never suggest doing more than three days back to back without a rest day. Rest days are hugely important for the body and mind to recover and will keep you wanting to come to sessions rather than thinking you have to.
If you have any questions on training regularity please speak to one of the coaches who will only be too happy to give you some advice tailored to your needs.

What should I do if i'm feeling sore from a session?

Feeling sore and a bit stiff from a session is completely normal and will decrease the more your body gets used to the exercise you are asking it to do.
Things that will help with soreness are;
– Staying hydrated. Make sure you drink plenty and after a session, and even the day afterwards to help flush out the lactic acid that has or is likely to build up in your muscles.
– Keep moving. The worst thing you can do is stay still, this will only increase the soreness. You need to get those muscles moving by walking or gentle stretching. You might not feel like it at the time but we promise you will feel a whole world better afterwards.
– Eat a well planned meal or snack. By refuelling probably after a session you will be helping your body get the nutrients it needs to rebuild and recover. Make sure you pick a meal with a high level of protein either through meat, diary, eggs, tofu, yoghurt with a slowly digestible carbohydrate such as oats, potatoes, banana or brown rice and don’t forget a portion of green stuff for their anti-oxygends such as spinach, broccoli, leafy greens, or salad.

What special equipment do I need?

The great news is you don’t need anything to start to come to our classes, we have everything here that you need. The only thing we need from you is to come in sports type gear that is suitable to work out in and will keep you warm in the colder months in the gym (don’t worry, you don’t stay cold for long), some flat-ish trainers and a secure container to hold water.
Don’t worry if you don’t have flat trainers, any secured and well fitting trainers are great to get you started.
As time goes on there are certain things you may wish to buy, such as your own skipping rope, wrist or knee guards, lifting shoes and belt but none of these are required. Like we say, we have everything here you need.

How will I know what to do in a class and what do I do if I have questions outside of class?

Let’s get this straight, we were all new once and had no idea what we were doing. Yep, even the coaches had to do their first class once and still completely understand how nerve racking going into your first class can be….please don’t worry.
All our FFC are fully coached and there is a maximum of 18 people in the class so the coach taking the class will always have time to look after you and explain anything that isn’t clear. That’s what coaches are here for, to help and guide you no matter how long you have or haven’t been training.
We are always available to take any question you might have by the below channel, please just reach out, it’s what we are here for.
Phone – 07912 296079 or 07894 707924
FaceBook and Instagram – Valesco Fitness Collective

Are there any rules I should be aware of?

We don’t have many rules but we do have a few which have been highlighted below. These help us keep a safe and happy community and gym.
– Please be on time. We do appreciate that sometimes things happen but please be on time every time you can. Late comers to the session are disruptive for the coach and the other members. Missing out on the first few minutes can be damaging to your own session by missing out on key information. If you are more than 8 minutes late to the start we ask that you join another session that day.
– Please listen and respect your coaches. Our coaches are there not only to help and guide the session, they are there for your safety. Please do not talk when the coach is talking and only ask for help from the coach, not other members in the group as they may not tell you the correct answer and are not responsible for you, the coach is.
– Please put stuff away. If you get something out or move it please put it back where you found it before the end of your session. If everyone cleans up after themselves then the gym will stay nice and tidy for everyone.
– If you break something let us know. Things get broken, we know that and it is very rarely the person using it that breaks it but if you do please let your coach know so they can move it to one side and it can be fixed or replaced.
– Look after the kit. Gym kit is expensive and the more stuff that gets broken the less money we have on the fund to buy new cooler stuffer, DB’s, Kettlebells and barbells are NEVER to be dropped or thrown. Barbells with 15kg whole plates or more may be dropped from waist height if the coach believes it to be safe.
– Wait until everyone has finished before packing away. We have an ethos here that we all start together and we all finish together. If it is a task based workout we ask that you sit down, have a drink and cheer the people on round you and DON’T put your kit away until the last person has finished. There is nothing worse than still being in your workout and seeing others around you pack away. Your coach will make sure there is plenty of time to clean away at the end so please, as soon as you have finished, become a cheerleader for your fellow members.