Dan Keast


I came into Functional Fitness in 2020 after an injury stopped me cycling. I fell in love with the community & challenge Valesco provides. I am now a part-time member of the coaching team at Valesco, currently holding my CF-L1.

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Hi team!

Having grown up in Cornwall and northern France, I spent a lot of my time outdoors. I really found exercise after moving to Bristol as a way to spend more time outside again.

For years I rode mountain bikes, road bikes, climbed and ran to stay active, even giving canicross a go (unsuccessfully but that is another story). During Covid lockdowns a mixture of injury and isolation meant I needed to find another outlet, I found Valesco & Functional Fitness.

Thinking I’d try it, but working out with other people in a class probably wasn’t for me… Little did I know the community I would find inside these doors would have such an impact. Since then the journey I have been on physically and mentally has undoubtedly changed me and my outlook on life.

I am now coaching part-time, having passed my CF-L1, to help others experience both the community and exercise benefits of training that I have found in Functional Fitness and beyond.

Archie (the dog) and I are always around so feel free to say hi and ask for any help or advice.


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